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    New GNOME 2 Fork: Consort by SolusOS

    GNOME 2 forks are officially trending. Here's yet another one, called Consort, to join the company of MATE and Cinnamon:

    Meet 'Consort,' a brand-new classic Linux desktop | PCWorld

    I'm not sure if this is such a great idea (there are already things about MATE, Cinnamon, and GNOME3 Fallback mode that I wish could be consolidated into one GNOME2x environment), but I must admit I am curious, after reading about this new offering.

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    I thought Cinnamon was Gnome 3? Other than that think the Gnome 2 forks are interesting

    [edit]It appears that Consort is also based off Gnome 3[/edit]
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    Sounds like a similar thing to Cinnamon if you ask me... Although interestingly they are going to offer compatibility with GNOME 2 apps. Cudos to them, but i hope for their sake it offers something different to Cinnamon.

    It makes me ask the question of why choose GNOME 3 over GNOME 2 as the fork base, when aside from the fact GNOME 3 more updated with all the graphics and mod-cons? Something tells me it must be easier to make gnome 3 backwards compatible with GNOME 2 than it is to bring those new features to GNOME 2.

    I mean as good as these new forks are i.e Cinnamon and now Consort. None of them offer the modularity that GNOME2/MATE offer. For example in Cinnamon if i want a panel on the right-side of my screen it is practically impossible unless someone as made an app for it. Where as in MATE/GNOME2 if i want a panel on that right side i just simply have right click on an existing panel and go "new panel".

    I am not ranting here, but i just feel while they try and its all well appreciated but they don't really fully understand what of GNOME2 makes it so great. Like customization (one of my most fav features), you can practically personalize GNOME2 to any extent you like to make it your own desktop or mimic an existing desktop (e.g Windows XP), something you can't really emulate in GNOME3 because it doesn't offer it by design.

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