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Thread: need help

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    need help

    i installed ubuntu 12.10 on a laptop. which should handle it. it also has windows xp on it. when i start up and click on the ubuntu tab it starts loading then the screen starts going on and off. it also displays something at the top of my screen with a cursor then disappears agian. i can't read what it says the writing is so small.

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    Hello and welcome!

    This sounds like it's a graphics issue. Check the following troubleshooting page for some tips:

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    WHat sort of laptop is it?
    The hardware on some entry-level machines will not work properly on the latest kernels.
    You might want to try the debian-squeeze disk, see if it loads up without issue.
    It doesn't have so many of the whizz bang new features, but is very stable and uses far fewer resaources than XP would.

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    If the laptop is old, try adding nopat as a boot parameter. Not familiar with ubuntu but with SuSE you can add it at the boot menu or to the boot line in grub/menu.lst.

    If it's got a nvidia graphics card, you are best off using the proprietary nvidia driver plus the boot option nomodeset.

    I have an old laptop with nvidia card and I had to use both nopat and nomodeset to get it to run well.

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    You can find an answer in two ways. At boot, alter the boot line to insert both nopat and nomodeset at boot of Ubuntu , or to avoid disturbing Ubuntu while you find answer use a LiVE LINUX distro such as KNOPPIX (or PUPPY)nd alter its boot line , which is easy to do.Then you know the graphics answer for Ubuntu or other distibutions.

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    its a dell inspiron 1000. i may have to run a different version of linux on it.

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