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    What to learn about Linux???

    hi guys,

    i have been playing with centos for a few months now and have learned a few basics...also just reading the linux+ guide to help me along.

    i have given myself a few projects to help improve my skills
    these range from simple to more complex (obviously)

    eg: my windows box has died and im not replacing it...i have a centos box in my office at home that im planning to use for work etc...and by not replacing my windows box i will be forced to use and therefore learn linux.
    i am having problems with logmein on chrome (had the same problem on windows) that im not able to select all files and folders using ctrl click etc.

    was reading that this is a plugin problem with chrome and despite trying to install plugins for chrome could not get this function to work. it does work on IE8 perfectly though, lot of people complaining about this. i tried the plugin on chrome on centos, just got a black screen, then i tried firefox and opera...same now im installing wine and going to try get IE8 going on my linux...just for my logmein to work with my various other machines.

    im also looking to install rdesktop and learn and configure it with my other servers/workstations scattered around the net. I would like to look more at thin client diskless workstations connecting to a virtual linux server (have a lot of info on the subject, just need to start putting it into practice)

    The bottom line is this...if i want to learn Linux well enough to maybe get a job in a few years as an admin or whatever...what sort of skills should i be honing???

    is BASH most important? scripting? i guess it would depend on where you work and what systems / or how systems are utilised? im sticking to Red Hat type distros as i feel there is good market looking for any Guru to give me any advice on what i should really be concentrating on. Also looking to maybe get in on some programming in linux too...though i have been looking towards c# and will prob stick to visual studio for that on a windows machine...

    thanks very much for reading...and looking forward to any input


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    It does look like that plugin could be broken on Linux - don't give up on it, but do try to submit bug reports for anything that doesn't work properly. For open source projects your input can make a difference.

    In terms of what to learn, perhaps looking at 'server' services rather than desktop ones would help you move in the direction you talk about. Maybe as a starting point you could set up an Apache web server, configure and secure it for local use only, then add web pages to you local site that document what you learn as you progress?

    Other important base services are Name Service (DNS), email transport (postfix, sendmail, etc.), firewalls/network configuration (IPtables, routing, ssh, etc.) and security.

    You may also want to consider using VNC rather than remote desktop - it's more in tune with the way Linux works.
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    "then add web pages to you local site that document what you learn as you progress?" - i love this idea... thanks for your input on all!!!

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    May I suggest to start with LPI It gives distro independent knowledge about Linux.
    For your screen takeover options. If you can't get logmein to work, have a look at teamviewer. Especially the weblogin is extremely handy....

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    I'm new to the site and new to Linux.
    Hope to learn more. I might be all wrong here
    but I kindof wanted to say hi ^^,

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