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Thread: Laptop Decision

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    Thanks, will do. Hopefully WiFi just works out of the box, that and sound are always the kickers.

    As a side question for giggles, you think Linux Mint Cinnamon will be a good choice? I don't really like Ubuntu (since before Unity and the rms "spyware" debate). I did like the look of Fedora 18 but heard bad things.

    *edit* If it's any use, I intend to go to school for business networking, but I also am going to teach myself HTML/CSS, Python, and continue building my Java skills I learned in two courses I took during High School, hopefully producing Android apps.
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    I think Linux Mint is a great starting point. Most, if not all, of your hardware will be detected/configured automatically. Your multimedia codecs and plug-ins are installed as well. And the Cinnamon interface is an attractive layout.
    But if you want to give Fedora a try, you can always try it using a LiveCD. It's a way to test drive an OS without making any changes to your existing system. One great thing about LiveCDs is that if something work in a live session, then you're gonna have good luck on the installed system.

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    Alrighty, sounds good. I'm gonna start searching the interwebs for "must-have" applications... I've toyed with Linux for 3-4 years but now I am going full Linux only. I already know of a couple...

    Ubuntu Tweak (Useful on Cinnamon..?)
    Eclipse (Learned Java on it)
    Laptop Mode

    I'm getting there

    And one small, potentially stupid question, but I don't see a seperate download link on Linux Mint for AMD processors (I remember there used to be some for Ubuntu but don't know about recently) Is it on the same DVD?
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    AMD and Intel processors are compatable. The 64 bit architecture is usually called AMD64 as they released a 64 bit processor first.
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