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    Hi, need help regarding linux installation

    Hi all.

    I am new to this community, and to linux, so I hope you will forgive my lack of know-how in this area, and how things go around here :/

    So here is my question (apparantly, I can't post into a more relevant category due to priviledge limitation , so here goes.

    I am a typical Windows user, and I have both Windows 8 and Windows 7 installed - on separate partitions (Windows 7 because Windows 8 gives some problems with some software and drivers). I now need to install two Linuxes - Ubuntu (12.1) and Redhat (server 6.2) for educational purposes. I have DVD's for both these OS, and know how to install them separately.

    The problem is, I installed Ubuntu first, and then installed RedHat Enterprise 6.2 next. Naturally, I made separate partitions for them. However, when Redhat finished installing and when I rebooted, I couldn't see Ubuntu anywhere. The boot loader gives two options, one for RHEL 6.2, and the other labelled "Other", which goes into the Windows boot menu and gives options for Windows 8 or Windows 7. Can't find Ubuntu anywhere.

    I deleted the Redhat partition, and then repaired my Windows 7 to reset the bootloader to Windows. But still, there was no option for booting ubuntu. So i deleted the partition for Ubuntu as well (since it was of no use to me).

    Please tell me how can I install both the Linuxes at the same time, while keeping the Windows OS in tact? Please help.

    Thank you in advance

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    hi and welcome

    my suggestion is to install your linuxes in VirtualMachines.
    So you can use snapshots, which is good for learning purposes.

    Also your Windows will stay untouched.
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    Four partitions total, correct? One only Win8, one only Win7, want to make two others?
    Especially if there are three with only the MS OS X2, an Extended Partition is necessary. This way, make one Extended out of the ramainder of the hdd; divide this into two more or less equal Logical paritions and one small swap partition of approximately 2-3 GB. You will need gparted either by itself or use SystemRescueCD to access it. to create the extended partition.
    [this is what I do when dual-booting a Slack-distro and a Deb-distro; below using RH in lieu of Slack-distro]
    Install RH on one of the large Logical partitions, then do not install GRUB or a bootloader. After installing the 'buntu on the other Logical, allow it to install GRUB2 then
    PHP Code:
    as root (or use sudo in front of this command).

    How did you install previously -- GRUB to the MBR or what?
    Better have a Windows boot CD ready before attempting this if you do not remember.

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