If the NSA get's their way it won't matter what format you send it in. Or if the conversation is instead on a cell, or landline, or encrypted IRC or anything else.

And since DHS will soon be tapping in to the streetlights, and since it's so easy to hack cams and mics and phones, and since you're nice enough to carry a hot mic with you everywhere you go it's getting next to impossible to have a private conversation. (OOPS, almost forgot how easy keyloggers are!)

You can also forget having a private rendezvous.

Just remember, today *everything* is on a network: When you shop and not just at amazon; your store discount card tracks you too. Security cams now have IP addresses instead of dedicated wiring. Most office phones are VOIP now. Everything that moves through FedEx, UPS or USPS. If it involves info it's on a net and the NSA can now (or soon will be able to) run a Hoover on it.

Plus pretty soon continuous real time tracking will be cost effective.

I'm quite sure that all of the convserations I've had over the years like this one have put me on Santa's naughty list.