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    How did you find out about Linux?

    I've only known about it since mid December 2011, but didn't start using it until later in January 2012. I can't say how I found out about it, but I know my first was Linux Mint 12.

    Now I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with Cinnamon

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    Back in Sept 1992, I download 5.24 inch floppy images with set names such as "A", "C", "X", etc. The kernel was at version 0.98 at that time. I was doing Unix software development at the time started in 1976 and in 1992 started doing in Linux as well (by 1998 we were releasing Linux version as well as many Unices).

    I have not used Microsoft Windows on any computer that I have owned.

    You might like to look at the history of Linux distribution image at GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpghost6 View Post
    How did you find out about Linux?
    Someone mentioned it to me in an email many years ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by alf55 View Post
    I have not used Microsoft Windows on any computer that I have owned.
    Wish I could say the same because that's an extremely cool personal accomplishment/objective that is very worthy of hanging onto, in my opinion!

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    I actually heard of UNIX first, on Sun workstations for GIS training in ERDAS Imagine software, back in 2000. Vi editor and GUI customizations along with 3-D GIS fly-by capabilities made me aware of underlying OS. I wanted to learn it. Boss said, "No." Therefore, after burn-out, I vowed not using Windows ever again, but ended up setting up others' computers with W2K for awhile when asked. I had done it so much I knew which registry hacks to get performance and IP connectivity.

    The Sun/Oracle thing made me look at Linux instead. Thank you Linus T and RMS!
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    A Broken Laptop Hard Drive actually told me in a round about way.

    I was bidding a 2001 Harley Sportster on Ebay back then. I wanted that scooter bad. I was in the process of installing kbxxxxxx whatever in Windows 2000 Pro when the hardrive made a clunk and the laptop died.
    Previously I had been rading up on live cds and I figured. I need to get that bike. So I went to

    Distribution Release: Puppy Linux 1.0.9 ( News)

    at my local library after going to the dollar store and buying me some blank cds. I explained on what I wanted to do to the local librarian. We are a small town so she said go for it.

    You see, that library was on dialup then and speeds were a lot slower then for me. I had to have access to the auction from my house to be sure I was in the bidding at the end.

    I still have that bike today. The computer I still have also. It is a Panasonic Cf-48 with another used hardrive in it and it multiboots Linux and Windows. It used to be my main tuner for motorcycles.
    Now I got a shiny new one to do just that but I leave the panasonic in a bag though it is p4 with 1.2 gig of ram. The LCD cable needs replacing from the inverter to the back of the screen.
    I have not looked back since because that live cd saved my bacon.
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    Well I heard inklings from all over but when I really actually found out was joining xda developers and getting hooked on android which meant I found out android was based on Linux and now am here

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    Someone in my local computer club heard of it and asked a chap from the London LUG to give us a talk. He left us a disc with Debian Sarge on it and we tried to install it on the club computer but without much success.

    All the same, we all felt it was something we ought to investigate further and, as I was familiar with using the command line on mainframes, I got "volunteered". This time it was Red Hat 6, which proved easier to install. And I've never looked back.
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    I neede to make a presentation and didn't have Powerpoint - and couldn't afford, or have time to buy it - so loooked around for a free alternative. I came across and installed it (downloaded on dial up - it took all day). While looking for it I came across some mentions of Linux. It was about the time that Ubuntu 6.06, Dapper Drake came out and a while later I picked up a magazine with the distro on a CD, installed it and have never looked back.

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