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    Server case, a little OT maybe

    I'M looking for a case on for a Linux server I'M wanting to build. It will be used for the following: file storage, as a mount point for my desktop's home directory as a remote client, media server for my DVD/BD ripps. Right off the top of my head the only thing I'M sure I'M going to need is plenty of HD space, I'll probably buying SSD slowly one at time. What do I need to look for when shopping for a case in terms how many HDs in can hold and handle? And what else might I need to be looking for? Thanks.

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    Hi, using SSD for a home server seems like an overkill to me. I'd rather expend in a good quality raid controller and go with conventional disks. And if possible buy all your disk at once so you can make a good RAID array , RAID 5 at least. And try not to buy disks too big, a TB at most. So, any case that can handle 4 to 6 disks should be fine. But that is just an idea.

    Good luck

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    Just look for a case with a huge amount of drive bays in it. If you run out of room, you can always start swapping out smaller capacity disks for bigger ones rather than keep adding new ones - but in practice you'll run out of power supply connectors before then, so buy a power supply separately and make sure it can handle all the juice that you need for all the drives. For a file server to another media player it doesn't need any oomph at all. Mine (which runs a couple of websites, email and other bits and bobs) is a dual core atom mainboard at 1.6Mhz with 2GB ram. It does exactly the same job as you're looking at, and it runs about 20 watts, possibly less.
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