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    Best Ubuntu Based Distro (Opinion)

    Hello all

    I'm hapily running Ubuntu Studio 12.04, but I was was wondering, and wanting to set sail for experiencing anew distro and trying it for a while. Note that I still want to keep my current distro, but try different things. I want to start in the Ubuntu area, and try many different distros here, then move on to somewhere that is not based on Ubuntu, just for trying and experiencing new things. So, where should I start. What are the best Ubuntu based distros out there that you would recommend for me?

    I'm looking for the distros that work easily with VirtualBox. Some Distros and versions do not work, for example, Linux Mint 14 does not work in a VirtualBox (or I never got it to work anyway) So, in your opinion, what would you recommend for me to start with? So far I have tried Ubuntu (Unity) and Ubuntu Studio (Xfce).

    Your opinions are much abloged.

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    I don't have any specific distros to recommend, but you can go to and use their search feature to get a listing of various distros based on Ubuntu if that will help you any: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

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    OpenSUSE. Try one of the Live Linux forms of OpenSUSE first, (KDE or Gnome desktops), it has a great tools portion in "YAST" (Yet Another Set up Tool) , it is based on slightly different concepts to Ububtu. Non OSS (Open Source Software) for media applications films etc have to be downloaded seperately but there is a non-OSS repository. Good support forum. It also has other desktops in a Virtual or hard disc installation (I use XFCE). Also, if you help Windows folks, try the Live Linux Knoppix, which is a very good USB or Live DVD or CD distro (Knoppix is not really for desktop use), I used it while traveling the world so i had my computer froma USB stick anywhere on a borrowed computer. I assume you are not looking for spacialised type like SUSE Medical distro or Scientific Linux which is based on Red Hat)

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    Honestly for me I use Ubuntu but not Unity, I use the Cinnamon Desktop, best of both worlds!

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