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    This Mir situation?

    So I am a little worried about what Ubuntu's Mir will do for Linux in general.

    If they do rally the AMD/Nvidia people to support it, do you think they may in future drop x support forcing a lot of other distro's to only use open source drivers or switch to Mir?

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    Well my system is slowly but surely moving away from the UB code base and I'm getting more and more stuff from source. I think UB is a great place to start, when you don't know anything. They make it easy for noobs. But it's not so much once you learn a thing or two. The only reason I haven't started over from scratch with somebody else's code base is b/c I've done too much custom stuff to this system. I'll probably just keep building on this setup until the kernel that runs my hardware is no longer able to work with the majority of available software. But that will be quite a while. I'm figuring at least 10, if not 20 years.

    I say both more power to them and I really don't care.

    UB got me away from windoze, as I learn I'm moving on to things better than UB.

    If UB can wake up more of the masses then we'll all be better off. Even if they never dig under the hood to figure out what's going on behind the wizard's curtain and just accept what UB hands them.

    As for the larger issue? We'll I don't see everybody else rushing to adopt Unity. I think UB has less leverage in the user and dev spaces than Mark's ego would like to admit.

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    If it were to be open source, and aimed at providing a really quick display system to make Linux usable as a games platform, then it's probably a good thing.

    If it's going to be used by Ubuntu to lock people into the distribution and deny them flexibility (which could be where Canonical want to take this) then it'll be a very bad thing.

    Time will tell, but in light of their recent direction, I'm skeptical that the things Canonical do will move Linux forward in a wholesome way.
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