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Thread: Bit of a Puzzle

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    Question Bit of a Puzzle

    I have 2 PCs with Win XP Pro SP3 and am going to install 1 or more Linux distros and send to Tanzania for a new college starting up. In preparation I did this:
    1. downloaded Knoppix and LinuxMint Live CDs and burned the images to DVDs.
    2. I also acquired a Linux for Dummies book with a 2 CD copy of RedHat 7.3.

    All 3 Linux distros (RH, Knoppix and Mint) will boot on either of the 2 PCs.

    Only the RH will boot on the one PC -- the other 2 that I burned from downloads won't boot on that same PC!

    Both PCs have DVD ROM drives.

    I'm left wondering if there is something different about the DVDs I burned and the CDs (RH) from the Dummies book, with respect to booting!

    Any thoughts?

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    Could be RAM. Modern distros require much more RAM than older distros, such as Red Hat 7.

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    Yes, possibly.
    And just to add: redhat 7.3 is from 2002.
    There is little point in using this today. No updates, no supports. It is hopelessly deprecated.
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