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    Spanish Linux group sues Microsoft over UEFI secure boot

    A free software group called Hispalinux has filed a complaint against Microsoft to the European Commission on the grounds that UEFI secure boot prevents computer users from installing their own choice of OS. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. M$ of course is putting on its usual display of injured innocence. More on
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    This is an interesting issue. My inclination is to say that it is more the manufacturers at fault where they do not allow you to import your own keys for the UEFI boot process or do not allow you to disable it.

    Certainly Microsoft have played a bit of an underhand ball by saying that manufacturers can only call a product "Windows 8 certified" by implementing UEFI. Surface RT is a slightly different story where they have insisted that the UEFI keys remain locked to that version of Windows. Fortunately Surface RT sales have been distinctly lacklustre even in the face of poor Windows 8 sales generally.

    UEFI is firmly in the hands of OEM's and any reputable OEM should provide the option to import keys or at the very least disable UEFI. Though this would make installing Linux more difficult (or at least there would be more steps involved), I don't see it as being particularly different to going into the BIOS to change the boot order to CD or USB HDD first prior to trying Linux.

    If OEM's do choose to completely lock out the option of installing an alternative OS then this may be seen as an anti-competitive practice.

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