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    raspberrypi keyboard idea

    I am not really a hardware guy, but I have this Idea I would be working on right now if I had any Idea how. I really like Logitech keyboards, but they are useless on Linux and have limited application of the LCD screen. what about a keyboard that has a built in or attached raspberry pie. the LCD would be for this raspberry pie and you could ssh into your desktop to display content. a simple function key would switch between the keyboard and desktop computer input.

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    UM, why are logitech keyboards useless on *nix?

    I'm kicking back in my recliner, 10 feet away from my computer and the 42" flat screen it is plugged in to typing this on a wireless / encrypted / usb logitech keyboard while running my own home rolled version of ubuntu.

    And why would you want to put a pi in keyboard? I'm thinkinging it would make your whole setup rather hot and / or cludgy. If you encase it in the board then what are you going to do about cooling and ventilation? And if you don't encase it then how are you going to mount it to the keyboard so the mount is robust enough that it won't break when the keyboard is bumped or dropped?

    Is this supposed to be portable? Why not just use a phone?

    If I'm supposed to put it in my lap I think things are going to get hot enough to make my sperm count drop.

    If I'm still chained to a desk then why not get something with a whole lot more horsepower than a pi?

    If you want to hack hardware then why not go where the action is and get a Parallella? You'll get a gazillion times more bang for only 3x more bucks. That's good math no matter how you run it!

    But I still wouldn't try to put it in a keyboard.

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    yes, my comment on Logitech LCD keyboards being useless on Linux is incorrect considering g15 tools (should have thought about that) think your right about the heat/bulk as well. I still like the concept of a computer in keyboard but it guess would have to something like the Parallella or smaller. anyway kind of losses it's appeal the more difficult it becomes ...too bad.

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    You could take a look here on HowToGeek. I think they've got pictures and everything...
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    Thanks, pretty much what I had in mind except for the lcd.

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