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    Neener, neener, neener, Xfinity can bite my shiny metal hiney!

    OK, I'm paranoid. So, what. Somebody has to be the worry wart in the house. But, just because I'm paranoid does not mean that they are not out to get you.

    I've had a long running battle with Xfinity. Their customer service is horrible and their prices are outrageous.

    They're doing a big hardware upgrade in my area. In the process I lost 1/2 my channels. When I complained they told me it was a mistake on their part to have given me all those channels at that price for the last two years. But if I wanted to keep all those channels I was more than welcome to start paying double.

    My response was not appropriate for a family friendly forum. It involved a lot of four letter words and more than a few propositions that I'm pretty sure vilolate 1/2 the laws of 1/2 the countries in the world, most of the laws of biology, the laws of physics in general and causality / relativity in particular.

    Then the smarmy, pimple faced 12 year old boy behind the counter accused me of theft of services.

    So I turned in to my alter ego, Doctor Manhattan, and went truly thermonuclear.

    At which point this child proceeded to explain to me how tarded I am, how we are in Amerika now, how Xfinity has the right to tell me who I can and cannot do bidnez wif and how Xfinity is the only company on the planet who has the right to pull an internet service signal in to my complex, so I just need to suck it up and deal wif da fax dat daez haz me by da shawt harz! (God I hate the twitter generation. They're starting to talk like they spell.)

    I think time stopped at that moment. I'm not entirely sure where I found the where-with-all to regain my composure and not post-pubescently abort this waste of skin.

    Come Monday CenturyLink will be turning on my new DSL service.

    I subscribe to an overseas openvpn / tunneled secure proxy service. Not because I really have anything to hide; I just don't want some butthead who is too stoopud to know what the cupholder is for to decide that I've been a bad kid. Or to have my searches for pimple cream and other embarrasing stuff sold to spammers by my ISP.

    For the last three weeks the connection to the service has not worked properly. I figured I just fouled something up as I was tinkering. I do that a lot. I wasn't too worried about it. I knew I'd be able to fix it sooner or later.

    Well, it's later.

    I'm sitting here at the end of another almost 20 hour marathon session.

    After doing tons of research and experimentaion I figured out what is up: With this six strikes, Gestapo, deep packet inspection crap Xifinity is shutting down all access to all VPNs for anybody who is not on a business connection.

    Now, technically it's been against the TOS for a home user for a few years. But, it's one of those things they really didn't care about if you weren't blowing out so much bandwidth that you started to look suspiciously like a major file trader.

    Well I'm hard headed, I don't want to be spied on and I've only got a couple of days before my new service is turned on; so I figured as one last poke in the eye I'd get my VPN connection back up and running again. What are they gonna do, restrict my service and jack up the price?

    It's been fun. I learned tons. Did you know that there are literally hundreds of ways to configure openvpn?

    Me and the Xfinity network engineers have sat here and had a running battle for the last 10 hours and I just won baby!!!!


    Now, I haven't done anything illegal; no port mapping or cracking. I just kept finding new ports, new configs, alternate IPs and new protocols to nestle inside of so I could go under or over or around the blocks and throttles.

    And it was neck and neck all night long. Then I hit on the solution.

    I tunneled my openvpn connection through a common cross platform core level network admin protocol. If they block the port or throttle the service they cut their own throats.

    Now granted, the protocol by its nature is not super fast. But, I was able to set the tunnel up in such a way as it terminated at what they would consider a "legit" address and since they can't see the tunnel within the tunnel they don't see that address is actually a relay to a VPN; thus effectively spoofing my remote destination from their perspective!

    In other words, without doing one single illegal thing, just doing some heavy duty congfigurmeratin' on my end I ran circles around professional network engineers and I cut a tunnel right through their friggin Orwellian network horsecrap to the outside world. And there's not a friggin thing they can do about it do about it other than cut off my service; which happens in three days any way.

    Not too shabby for a securitie gord who dun did got kicked out of da 11emf grade!

    Bite my shiny metal hiney.

    I'm gonna go shop for pimple cream in peace now!
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    Fair warning, after having dealt with CenturyLink for a few years, they aren't much better. Constant disconnects and horrible customer support.

    But it does sound better than what you have.

    Code is Poetry

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