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    Quote Originally Posted by MASONTX View Post
    Roky, I've been toying with the idea of getting a scooter or motorcycle. Nothing fancy or powerful, just something cheap and fun. Are there any forums for scooters as good as linuxforums you would recommend?
    Total Motorcycle Forums ? Index page

    That one is the one I figure would be best. Lot's of members and lot's of different bikes. I posted another but thinking about it.
    It would probably be too hard core and has a smaller membership anyhows.

    So I deleted the link.
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    Thanks roky. I'll check it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rokytnji View Post
    That makes me think you have a 4 cyl. version. The link you provided is for twin cyclinder carbs. The pics are twins. Which is it? I am confused.
    I am not hip on jap bikes that much. The last one I built (a couple of years back) was I went to Ft. Worth Texas and picked a 1982 Yamaha 3 cyl 850cc with shaft drive
    Never heard of a 3 cyl bike, ha. My mistake on the explanation, the $100 / carb part was just the start of me enumerating the list of stuff which gets it to $400 quickly. It's a parallel twin.

    Quote Originally Posted by rokytnji View Post
    I bought it on ebay for $250.00 so it was worth the gas to pick up. It was not running. The guy that bought it got over whelmed with fixing it. He had a spare engine from a wrecked bike also, ( I still have that in the shed).
    Back then I toyed with the idea of making something from that engine but time is too short for me half the time with projects.
    Yeah, def. been down that path of almost giving up, but I like my $$ too much to just dump them....besides, I need SOMETHING to ride. Def. makes me enjoy EFI, though. That's simply the fact that EFI always works, and carbs can be very temperamental :-\.

    Quote Originally Posted by rokytnji View Post
    I rewired the bike and bought 3 carb kits for the carbs and flushed the tank and cleaned petcocks and ran new hoses for the dry rotted ones. Lubed cables and adjusted. Slapped in a new battery.
    Sold it to a young guy in Pecos for $1,500.00 on payments with no interest. I kept the bike till he paid it off. He still rides it to this day. It is a pretty scary fast bike.
    My R1 was pretty scary fast . 0-100mph in just over 5s.

    Yeah, that's a pretty standard restore, I wish that was all mine ever required, but I always get vacuum leaks in the weirdest ****ing places (typically intake side) which causes it to run lean as piss and for some reason these leaks are never obvious, I can never just hit them with starter fluid or anything to find them, I always end up soaking the entire setup in whatever and it never chokes, but it still runs like piss.

    These 2 Honda twins (same exact motor) gave me the same exact damn problems and gave me the worst taste ever for carbs.

    Quote Originally Posted by rokytnji View Post
    Me. If I was to get another old jap beater. I preferthis. I would then turn that into this. Problem is. Those 650s are rare as hens teeth and are not cheap when you find a complete one. Everybody likes those bikes.
    Yeah, that's pretty identical to mine, except it's except they're only 450's. I'm not much for the chopper look, and I'd probably stretch/chop something American if I was to do a project like that

    Quote Originally Posted by rokytnji View Post
    I don't know if they are still sellingRoyal Enfeilds in the states like they were last when I was in Phoenix Arizona. But they are pretty proprietary I bet, though I aint sure.
    Yeah, they still make them, met a guy the other day with a 2011 or something, it was pretty bad-ass.

    Quote Originally Posted by rokytnji View Post
    I guess I am like the Count in Las Vegas on the show "Counting Cars" > But instead of being in love with cars. I like bikes instead.
    Plus, I don't have his budget. Location location.
    Yeah, I'm the same way - except with cars AND bikes, haha.

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    This is going to give more hits on this thread.

    New Hood lift support locked in the extended position.

    Got in the new hood lift support for the 2004 Chrysler Crossfire . I uninstalled the old. Dropped the top retaining clip down a hole in the lower part of engine compartment. I have snap ring assortment I could have used instead.
    But I got lucky with a extendable magnet rod and fished it out. Installed the new shock hood lift support. Durn thing stays locked up in the up position. I wiggle the hood. Disconnect one end of shock and turn the rod round and round. I pull it out and use my strength to lean in and try to compress the rod, (being careful to not bend or break by being reckless).

    No change. I reinstall the rod. I get frustrated a bit. So time to walk away for awhile. I walk back and check again 15 minutes later. Hood closes like it should. My guess. Between shipping and the cold maybe.
    That shock needed to sit in the Texas sun and let gravity ,(in case of air bubbles locking hydraulics), and heat take it's course. Because there was no special button or catch to release that I could find on that lift support.

    Another job well done on the cheap.
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    Ha, couldn't say I knew anything about hydraulics or why it would do that.

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    Difficult to go under the hood on the newer cars... ._.'

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