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    Angry Cheatter or what?

    I have with a developper of the plx software agreement that he will do some changes in software which he sell for some money. I payed him what he wanted and never get the software which he promised. So be avare to do some business with him because you will not get what he promise. After I have opened claim in paypal he contact me and promised he will do it. But claim was closed when he promised he will do it but after that he doesn't respond to emails anymore. Si I lost my money.
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    Though it sounds most unfortunate, and perhaps sad for you if it is true, we have no way of verifying anything which you are claiming.
    Probably more importantly, if you have a dispute with a software developer, this is not really the forum for airing your grievances.

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    Here in the UK I would be looking at taking them to the Small Claims Court or if I had lost enough, through the full legal process.
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    I am very sorry to hear about that, and it just never ceases to enrage me when I hear of a fellow computer service provider blatantly ripping peple off. I could go on about these kinds of things, but it wouldn't make anyone feel any better except for those con artists. All I can say is learn from this as best you can for the future, but I would still open another claim in order to get his information and then file a legal claim against him in your country and province as well as his own, and do your best to serve him with his subpoena (where applicable) and try to get him to pay your money back and just forget the software for now.

    In the future, be sure to NEVER pay before you receive services to your satisfaction, and write a service contract that says this, which both of you will sign and date, and each of you will retain a copy. I wrote a 9 page service contract for all of my clients for all work that I will do for them, and guarantee them that my work will be satisfactory and have their systems up and running within reason, and that they do not pay me until the job is done.

    Anyone who wants you to pay them first is not trustworthy at all because they are not confident in their abilities to do the job right, so they want to get paid for their mediocre/scamming work. And if any of them get offended by this practice, you can simply tell them that they do not have a law degree and they aren't entitled to payment prior to services rendered, like the rest of the working world. Simply just don't do business with anyone who wants money first, they will likely not do the work. Also be wary of online software developer offers for hourly work; you cannot verify what hours they are actually working nor can you verify the quality of their work, so you shouldn't pay hourly work unless you can physically supervise them the entire time. If a person doesn't like this either, tell them that all successful CS/IT business owners do business this way and only cutthroat scam artists want payment for poor quality work output or for not doing anything. Just remember not to waste any time with these kinds of people, it will save you a lot of drama and money lost.

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