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    Fuduntu being discontinued

    Very short blurb about it here. Probably more to come soon.

    I never used Fuduntu, but I liked the idea. Frankly, I'm surprised it became as popular as it did, and now equally surprised that it had to pull the plug, just when things were looking so good.

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    Just went to their web site. Seems that it may be taken up by some new "leaders" soon, probably forked because they thought that recent changes, such as the migration from GTK2 to GTK3, would break too much stuff to continue. It is not easy to continue to follow changes in the Linux environment with a stable (some might say "static") distribution. I know that changes from Ubuntu 9.04 to later ones so farked the stability of code (and hardware drivers) that were rock-solid stable on 9.04, that I completely dropped my use of Ubuntu, requiring the use of that "old" code...
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    I burnt a dvd just a week before the team meeting came out.

    The 2013.2 64bit version. It runs slick and easy.
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    They say they'll be back with a new distro. Fuduntwo maybe?
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    They said they were going to build a whole new distro based on openSUSE. They said they would provide support to Fuduntu users through September, 2013. They said the new distro would hopefully be as user friendly as Fuduntu was. They said a lot of things, especially a couple of years ago, like Fuduntu would be a long term rolling distro. Fewt gave up on the whole thing, and hung those of us that wanted to keep going with Fuduntu until the new release, out to dry. Cut all forum support. I'm not sure I want to believe anything they say anymore. I loved Fuduntu, and thought it was a great community, and they just stabbed us all in the back.

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