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    new to Linux and here

    I am new to Linux and this forum. I have had some crappy experiences on forums, including another Linux community from not having questions answered to calling me out on the color and size of the font that I prefer to use. I hope this will not be the case here and I can get much needed help and suggestions to many of my inquiries.

    I am married 30 years with 4 children and one grandchild. I have one dog who will be 17 years this summer. I am female btw, love to do crafting and am an ardent Johnny Depp fan.

    Having introduced myself on a personal level, my computer experience is fair to Midland. I have a Dell desktop circa 2001 that was home XP but now has Ubuntu. I am using a Dell laptop that now has the same Ubuntu 12.0, My son put the systems on prior to leaving home after graduation.

    I love the system but I have no experience on Linux and all that it has to offer.

    I hope that even in the event that no one can help me, that I will be told so, instead of waiting for responses weekly.

    thank you so very much, CJ

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    Howdy and Welcome CJ. Some times we hit the nail on the head and sometimes we get

    @roky It was ignorant of me to expect free help from the type of individuals who choose to use this terrible platform. Your generic advise didn't help and wasn't appreciated.
    My ignore list keeps getting bigger and bigger here
    I have thick skin and tattoos to ward of bad vibes though.

    Having grandkids is fun for me. I get even with my kids with them.
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    Hail, cap'njacksparrow! Have ye seen Dead Man? It be one of my very favorites of that actor fellah of which ye speak!

    roky must be doin' something right to get a response that good!

    Welcome to one of the most helpful forums in the linux world.
    There is a wealth of experience here.
    "All that is required for evil to triumph is for a good human to say nothing"
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    Glad to have you join us. Most of the folks here are nice and polite, and the few non-polite ones usually don't stay long. Welcome to the forum.
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    W e lc o M e,CJ!

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    Welcome ! I'm pretty sure ,this one of most friendly forum. That's why I'm still here I found few other places too 'hot' for me.

     I have one dog who will be 17 years this summer. I
    wow cool Whats the dog breed ? I'm planning to get one in 2 months time. I worried about their life time :P

    nice screen-name, captjacksparrow!
    First they ignore you,Then they laugh at you,Then they fight with you,Then you win. - M.K.Gandhi
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    Really hope this will be a good experience. I've never been active on a forum before so this will be interesting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakshmipathi View Post
     I have one dog who will be 17 years this summer. I
    wow cool Whats the dog breed ? I'm planning to get one in 2 months time. I worried about their life time :P
    then don't get a large dog, they usually don't live past 12 or so, though it depends, of course.

    a couple of years ago i laid my dog to rest after almost 18 years of faithful friendship. he was an American brown dog (my favorite breed) - a mid-sized with beagle with something labradorish thrown in. haven't had the courage to get another one yet.

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    Thank you for the welcome! I'll respond to all instead of individual responses.

    I know that any interaction brings out the good and bad in people. Unfortunately it is easier to be rude and arrogant on a forum and sadly, some people's personality is just the same. I have learned to ignore and leave situations like that. I don't have time for playing games nor want to banter over the type of font I like to use or other silliness.

    As for my dog, she is part Nova Scotia Duck tolling retriever and collie. She never went over 40 pounds and her health has been pretty good up until recently as old age has set in. She still tries to be active and with her new hair cut, she looks the puppy again, and people ask about her as if she is a puppy. We love her as family and we know the time is getting close so we just enjoy her everyday, even when she messes in the house.

    I am a pirate of the Caribbean fan and have seen all the pirate movies Johnny has been in,including attending 2 premieres and meeting him. Probably the best time of my life! Can't wait to see the Lone Ranger and of course, 2 more pirate films to be produced.

    Our grandaughter is the love of our lives and it's a shame that we had to have kids to get the grandaughter! LOL Just breaks our hearts that her parents are so mixed up and messed up. Me and hubby try to get her as much as possible to give her some stability in her life.

    Now getting back to the Linux, I believe I have Lubuntu on both the desk top and lap top. And I really need to get some help or suggestions in the other threads as I think I may be adding or changing things I should not touch. Never a good thing to do!

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    The neat thing about linux is, that with a live disk, even if you mess it up, you can get back in. Then you save your data and either fix it, or reinstall.
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