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    I use Linux for most things, in fact I currently only use Windows for one or two games and Netflix (although you can get it working in Linux, it's annoying that it is not natively supported yet). I have had a lot of luck getting games to run with WINE and Steam always worked perfectly, but with the native Steam client I am finding I game on Linux more now. Windows is just there "in case", but I don't need it other than the fact that I work for a Microsoft software house and so have to use VMs of Windows for work. I did thankfully find that benchmarking my Windows 2008 VMs (Virtualbox) on Ubuntu showed a 40% performance gain compared to running on Windows 7 on the same machine

    I also write music on Linux as there are many great pieces of free software and I have found that I can set things up much better - Linux comes into its own when you want to make the OS work for you rather than conforming to what the OS wants you to do.

    Web development is something else I prefer to do in Linux too.

    So basically it seems as though I have gradually shifted to doing almost everything in Linux primarily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter D View Post
    I use Linux for everything that I need to use a PC for. I don't have a Windows machine - or a Mac; I do have an Android tablet and phone. Surf, email, word process, etc, etc. I've never found anything that i want to do that I can't.
    Pretty much this. But without the tablet!

    I use Linux for all my computing needs which includes Internet, document processing, web development and programming as well as some games which in my case are all Linux native games.
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