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    What do YOU use Linux for? (Inspiration for newcomers)

    After trying quite a few Linux flavours and spending a few hours each morning for a few days researching I have come to realize that I don't even know what I Really Want! I thought that I could get away from the shackles of MS only to find that without it I am "dead"... All that I do is browse and MS w/FF is great for that, I guess...

    What do you use this OS for to give you that feeling of "life"?

    Besides being a great alt. to gen. MS proprietary software, that is free in exchange for "gaming" compatibility, why?

    ...I thought that I knew something, but the more I learned, the more I learned that I just didn't know anything...

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    May 2010
    Mason Texas
    I browse, email, word process, spread sheet, run vm, and play linux games.
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    Linux Enthusiast gruven's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    I mostly use Linux for coding, but since valve is porting their library over to linux, I play a lot of games there now too.

    I still dual boot, because I play Marvel Heroes, and there is no linux client.

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    Howdy and Welcome!

    I use Linux for all of the daily uses that you would use Windows or OSX for. Email, web browsing, multimedia, etc.
    I'm not big into most modern games, so I get a good time out of Linux native games and using something like DOSBox for older software.
    I also dig the fact that if I don't lke an aspect of the overall system, I have multiple alternatives available to me.

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    As a break from using Windows at work all day.

    I browse, multimedia, email and general computing tasks at home. I used it years ago, but just recently started back since I have decided I want to make my own server, so I am testing out and learning some specifics to using Linux or BSD as a server.

    Mostly I don't feel inclined to buy a new PC right now (which would come with Windows 8 ) and Puppy Wary and DamnSmallLinux fly on older stuff, I still have XP on the Laptop that I boot with Puppy most of the time, but I cleared the hard drive on my desktop and loaded DSL and run other distros on it LiveCD as well.

    With Linux you just need to keep trying them to find the one for you, right now I have CDs for Slitaz, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, PCLinuxOS, FreeBSD and CentOS.

    I spend a great amount of time to learn the Ins and Outs of each, then move to another for a while, some people try one out for way to short a period of time to really get the feel of each and some will run better than others on YOUR computer, with YOUR hardware and run the programs YOU like. No one says you have to settle on one distro either.

    Actually, though MS and Firefox browse just fine, are they BETTER than the browsers on the Linux distros?

    No shame in staying with Windows, if that is what you like or even move to Mac, different strokes for different folks I always say.

    Give DSL or Puppy a try, fast and easy to use right off for browsing and getting programs, yet still have the ability to run from command line for when your ready to make the jump.

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    Linux User zenwalker's Avatar
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    Inland Empire

    I don't pay anybody (except maybe newegg and my ISP) to use the internet or my $300 laptop!

    And i do what I want with it.
    "All that is required for evil to triumph is for a good human to say nothing"
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    As you seem to be saying between the lines, Linux isn't about having to accept an OS 'As Is' and working around it to get stuff done. It's more about learning to put together an environment that, once accomplished, has most every creature comfort one could ask for... and actually facilitates one's goals, whatever they may be. Perhaps that's part of what gives Linux "that feeling of life" and makes it enjoyable to use.

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    What do YOU use Linux for?
    To make my eeepc 701SD and 900, Acer Aspire One Zg5, IBM T23, IBM M41 (Desktop) and IBM A22M laptop (floppy and dvdrom P3 512MB ram) run like greased lightning. All wireless.

    Windows and those hardware are incompatible IMHO. Windows XP came on that eeepc 701 and was like working in quicksand (1 gig of ram).

    It also keeps me from spending money on new computers (being a dumpster diver).

    So, Linux keeps me in beer money. The only games I play are in real life. More fun that way.
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    Monterrey , Mexico

    -At home as a desktop, a laptop with mageia for general internet browsing, email and libreoffice for the kid's homework.
    -At work:
    My desktop (mageia)
    150 HP thinclients (debian)
    6 Asterisk servers (Centos)
    6 BIG ERP servers (RedHat)
    several virtual machines as servers for intranet, RADIUS, Internet proxy, moodle, web surveys, FTP, etc (mandriva and Centos)

    That more or less is about it

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    Apr 2006
    Sharpening my already elite hacker skills to the point that I only have to think about what I want to accomplish and then suddenly my machine proceeds to take out my evil wishes on the galaxy.

    Oh, I also use it for all of the above reasons too. (Email, Web, Media center, file storage etc. etc.) There is no limit to what you can do with Linux.
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