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    Everyone Wants In On The Act!!

    I am at a loss for words about this story!
    My Way News - 7 charged in $6B online money laundering case
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    See, here's the thing Lucky: This is not about bad guys. It is however about control.

    This has nothing to do with stopping the bad guys from moving money and everything to do with stopping you from moving money.

    I'm going to give you a little home work assignment: Kick around Google a bit for things like "Wachovia drug / laundry" or "Wells Fargo drug / laundry" or "TBTF Illegal" and just run down the very first tiny little lip of the rabbit hole. Don't go all the way in, it's scary in there.

    But if you follow links within links and only stay with the big "reputable" news sources, while you will only skim the very shallowest part of the surface, you will also see that every one of the biggest banks in America have all been busted REPEATEDLY!!!!!! for doing the EXACT SAME STUFF IN AMOUNTS, THAT IN AGGREGATE, ARE FAR LARGER!!!

    And all they did was pay an eensy, beensy, teensy, weensy percentage of the PROFITS from the illegal activity as a "fine" (usually 1-3%). So the activity was still 100% profitable; just slightly less so than it could have been if they had not been "busted".

    Now, what's the difference between them and the Liberty Exchange?

    Simple: You, being a working class Joe, cannot move your money anonymously through any of the "reputable" banks. Whereas with Liberty Exchange or Bitcoin (which also just pretty much got shut down) little ol' working class you can make your money go POOF in to cyberspace; just like the big boys and girls can!

    And they can't have that! No sir! That won't do at all! Because if they can't track your money they can't tax it or tell you how to spend it or take it away from you!

    I tell you what, go to your bank and ask for 10K cash or to cash a 10k check and see what kind of response you get.

    I am not a rich man. 20 years ago I was injured pretty badly and got a 30K insurance settlement. A check was cut to my lawyer, who subtracted his money and cut me a check for the difference on his bank. I did not like his bank and did not want to deposit the check with them. Money was tight and I did not have time to wait 10 days for his check to clear my bank or I would not be eating. I went to his bank to cash the check because cash would clear my bank account same day.

    The way the people at his bank treated me you would have thought I was trying to rob the place with a bazooka.

    When I finally got the cash to my bank you would have thought I was the biggest threat the planet earth had ever seen.

    Now, fortunately for me, I'm an old salt to that kind of stuff because of my LEO/sec background. So I had a quarter ream of documentation in order to cover my butt or I can guarantee you that the locals or the FBI would have been called in.

    And I ticked a lot of people off that day because I kept saying: "Ja wohl, mein Führer, mein papers are in order"!

    Then, a few weeks later, I wanted to go buy a car for 10K cash. Man, you would have thought I was more evil than if the Republicans cloned Hitler and had him raised by Rosemary's baby! I only got my cash after closing my account and demanding all funds. And they won't even let you do that any more!

    As the Roman Empire crumbled taxes went through the roof and high taxes and tons and tons of government regulation killed most of the small businesses. (There is nothing new under the sun and we never learn!)

    Many people who owed crushing back taxes began to flee the Empire to the "barbarian lands". The Emperor issued an edict: If you owed taxes you would be bound to your shop or land until your taxes were paid. And if you died before your burden was paid off (as they kept charging you more taxes) then the burden would be inherited by your family.

    When the Empire collapsed this system became the basis for indentured servitude and surfdom (read: nice words for slavery) in the Dark Ages of medieval Europe.

    Funny enough; "They" just tried to enacted new rules that state if you owe too much in back taxes you can't get a passport and you can't leave the country. Fortunately it failed. This time!

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.
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    Thanks for that Steven, a very thought provoking response, and potentially an eye opener to some. There are issues regarding control of the money supply and flow that reach well above the political elite - it's beyond Republican or Democrat, Labour or Conservative. But before this descends into a debate and flame war, can I just ask contributors to remind themselves of this thread here, and, in particular point 3. Thanks.
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