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    I Wonder How Many Of These Will Be Sold?

    Many moons ago ( mid 1960's ) I was enrolled in a machinist apprenticeship at the General Dynamics shipyard in Quincy Massachusetts. It was there that I saw the first " tape machine " running a drill independent of human hands. I realized then that, except for toolmakers, machinists would not be needed in the future. This morning I was reading an article that brought goose bumps to my old arms!! Can you imagine all of the things you could make with your own personal milling machine attached to and run by your home computer? Have a gander at this:
    3D Printers, Meet Othermill: A CNC machine for your home office (VIDEO)
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    Can't justify the cost for what I do. I used to own a Bridgeport Milling machine I bought/absconded from Tonka Toys as well as a South Bend Lathe when Tonka moved to China.
    (long story)

    These were hands on machines. The table feed on the milling machine was gear driven auto feed. Same for the bit holder on the Lathe.
    I used them for some years milling my own motorcycle parts and doing head work (in the milling machine) and bore work (in the lathe).

    I need what is called a large throw (lot's of empty space/room) to do what I need done when it comes to machining.

    Finally, when I moved. I figured the gear was too heavy (along with extra bikes and tool boxes and such). So I sold both and just use sub contractor to do my machine work needed.
    A CNC machine for a office or home seems like a toy to me. But look at my perspective. So don't judge me.

    Edit: Just noticed the gun reference. That is a city boy toy also.
    Plastic guns (like a zip pistol) have no place or use in the desert where I live (sand). If I had to pick between a plastic pistol and a black powder pistol. The black powder pistol would win hands down.

    A rattle snake or a skunk with rabies would have me at a disadvantage with a plastic zip gun made from a office cnc machine. I guess you can sell anything to any body if they have more cents than sense.
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    I couldn't justify the cost either. A CNC is fun until you get contol codes wrong and fast traverse through the workpiece ... personally I'd prefer manual controls for a machine - more flexible but less repeatable

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    I can be found either 40 miles west of Chicago, in Chicago, or in a galaxy far, far away.
    I still cherish the summer I spent working the the physics department machine shop at a major university at the age of 16, learning how to use the Bridgeport, lathes, and all the other tools there. Then, many years later (at the age of 40-something) I spent some weeks programming manufacturing lines (pick-and-place robots and CNC machines) for the US Navy RAMP project in Charleston, SC. No hands on there! But knowing how all that stuff works (3d visualization and what not) from my summer in the shop served me well!
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