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Thread: new guy! :o

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    Talking new guy! :o

    hey guys, just a quick hello, i'm literally just getting started on the whole Linux process, but i'm hoping it will be a great learning curve and i know you guys will be here to help as i've seen alot of great threads on here already! so get ready for loads of questions which may seem extremely stupid but i never claimed to be smart haha. Can't wait to get started anyway and maybe it will lead to other things.

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    Hi there Callum. Welcome to the forums.
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    The more questions you ask, the smarter you get.
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    Welcome Callum. Jump right in and ask questions, we all did at the start. The archives and google can answer a lot, but when you aren't familiar with the terms, it is easy to get confused. Have fun with linux, and don't be afraid to ask for help when you run into trouble.
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    avast, Callum, welcome aboard!

    Quote Originally Posted by l3ummer View Post
    so get ready for loads of questions which may seem extremely stupid but i never claimed to be smart
    that's okay, you chose Linux, so at least you're moving in the right direction...

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    Questions are the start of wisdom. A choice made for new learning is the choice of superior wisdom. Welcome and enjoy your new adventure in freedom. ( there will be frustrations, we all have them.)

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    Welcome to LFo ! Hope you have fun
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    Welcome to the Linux Forums, Callum, and welcome to using free and open technology, where the source code for applications and their system, the forums where you can learn, and the resources you need, are all freely available. Some of them are things you can purchase, if you so choose, and a great deal of it you can obtain at no direct cost.

    Some people obtain books and read them before they immerse themselves. Back in the nineties, that's the way that some of us did it, but more and more resources today are available; with Google, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, Excite, or whatever search provider you prefer, a great deal of information is right at your fingertips. Understanding what you are reading comes from a variety of sources. You should just experiment and try things out, but asking questions is healthy, if only to affirm and solidify your understanding, but also to avoid or lessen confusion and frustration.

    A lot of software can be accessed and run without having to completely install anything. A decade ago, this was done through the use of Live CDs, more recently, Live CDs and DVDs, and still more recent - and current - the use of removable storage on a USB stick; they are smaller, faster, and inexpensive.

    I recommend getting a USB stick, put the software you want to try out on the stick, then set up your system to directly boot (start up) from the stick rather than local disk storage. Then you can experiment with the system or systems that you are most interested in.
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