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    I recently changed my SSID to "NSA-surveillance-van4827" Maybe that will deter people from trying to access my network.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mactruck View Post
    I recently changed my SSID to "NSA-surveillance-van4827" Maybe that will deter people from trying to access my network.

    One of my neighbor's changed their's to "Surveillance_Tap" a couple of weeks ago.
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    Well, its important to keep order, isnt it?

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    I was thinking of going with G00gle_Str33tView.

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    You know how they're going after that Snowden guy?

    My question is like this:

    If the American public has no privacy, why should the American government (or any institution, for that matter)?

    Fair's fair.

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    Agree! Miven..

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    Hey bendulf. You know you don't get post counts for hanging about in the Coffee Lounge don't you?

    Here's another question, with preamble:

    When telephones first came out, it was party lines all the way. Anyone could pick up the reciever and listen in. This was frowned upon, but normal. In essence, it made people behave better.

    Back in the days of CB radios, you shared a channel with a towtruck company and a tugboat company, you avoided the taxicab channels because you could never get a word in edgewise, and anyone with the right crystal in their scanner could listen in. You were not allowed to swear, there was a lot of static on occasion, and when you spoke, you had to do it concisely and effectively. Therefore the 10-4 CB jargon. It cut through the static.

    I used to install old school car-phones. They were the size of a suitcase and went in your trunk. On a good day you could reach Florida from Toronto, but it could suck your battery flat in no time if you weren't running the engine.

    These days, everyone has cellphones, and they take it for granted. They babble away, foul mouthed in public and content-free, using up airwaves and bandwidth, thinking that the victim on the other end actually wants to listen to their crap.

    I get text messages and voice mails from people: "Hey Miven, it's ----. Give me a call."

    WTF?!? That is not an effective communication. I already have call display, so I already know who the idiot is. Maybe that's why I didn't answer it.

    Effective communication is: "Hey Miven, it's ----. Tomorrow, 8am, Fortis Building. Bring your rainsuit." Now the only reason I need to call is if I cannot show up.

    The proliferation of communication has *ACTUALLY* created mis-communication, instead of what you think it should do. These days, it is rare to find a person who *ACTUALLY* communicates effectively. For some reason, most people think that they can babble away all day on their cellphone without repercussions and very little *ACTUALLY* gets communicated.

    After all these years, I have yet to meet a person whose communications are worthy of encryption. And frankly, it is the odd thing for me to meet a person whose communications are actually worth listening to.

    Forums like this are a bit different. They force people to be civilized and try to communicate effectively, because it is public. I like forums. They remind me of the way people used to communicate effectively. Essentially an old-school party line. Things come full circle, don't they?

    Sorry, I forgot my question.

    Peace and Cheer.

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    Haven't had a umbilical cord since I was born. The wife wants me to have a cell phone. I grin and ignore her.

    I know I get tracked on the net. I just do little itty bitty things to make them work for it.

    Debian User Forums ? View topic - iceweasel or firefox security

    I have a hardline phone for picking up stranded cyclists. That is as far as I am willing to go.

    Then again. I am on the fence about installing this addon in Iceweasel.

    Also, a lot of good info at Opt out of PRISM, the NSA’s global data surveillance program - PRISM Break
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
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