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    How to install Mysql 5.1 using sudo apt-get on ubantu linux 12.10

    Currently I am using ubantu linux 12.10 and I need to have mysql 5.1 database server installed on my system. I am trying to install it using sudo apt-get install mysql-server which installs the 5.5.31-0ubuntu0.12.10.1 which is actually not required( ofcourse its the latest ).
    Thanks in advance.
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    mysql 5.5 is compatible with older version 5.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by rootr9 View Post
    mysql 5.5 is compatible with older version 5.1
    I have one project which requires mysql 5.1 which cannot be changed and it is having its own driver specication ( I am not supposed to change the driver specification ). The project was working fine on windows system as I could put mysql 5.1 on it. Right now I am on linux and wants the application to be running properly, so I need mysql 5.1.

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    My suggestion would be to switch the linux distribution
    RedHat and CentOS 6 offer a mysql 5.1.

    Of course, one *could* install a 5.1 on ubuntu also if there were 3rd_party repos or if you compile it.
    But this introduces complexity and forces you to put more effort into the maintenance of the system.
    If you stay within the provided packages of a given distribution, updates are easily done via apt-get upgrade or yum update.

    As for the motivation of distributions to cherry pick one version of a given app:
    Enterprise distributions focus on stability and predictibilty. You dont want the environment of your system to change just because of an update.
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