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    On the hunt for a new distro: 2 cents, experiences and opinons welcome

    My home rolled monster is not working out well for the wife. The biggest road block is that it appears the Ubuntu core has broken her Broadcom 4313 beyond repair; at least without me gutting and rebuilding only god knows how much of the system. I've already rolled back the kernel and the driver with no luck.

    Rather than continue chasing my tail I'm looking at flatening it and starting from scratch.

    Things I want:

    1) Easy to admin without some insane syntax that applies no place else (I'm most familiar .deb / apt / aptitude / synaptic)
    2) Stable
    3) Secure
    4) Well supported with an easy update process
    5) Works well with her wifi card
    6) Doesn't have a track record of breaking tons of stuff that was already working
    7) LTS
    8 ) Not based on Ubuntu in any way
    9) Easy to customize
    10) Tons of GUI tools (Preferable Gnome Tools)
    11) Easy driver management / installation / configuration

    In other words something that's not going to eat up a lot of my time babysitting it.

    What she uses it for:

    Mostly general web surfing, office productivity and simple games.

    An easy to use software center with a good selection of stuff like bingo, bejewled, slots and yahtzee type games would make her really happy too.

    Some eye candy would be fine, but not at the expense of dogging the system or crushing resources. She likes to muiti-task a lot. But it shouldn't be too barebones either. I'd probably get a nasty surprise in my meatloaf if I loaded tiny core on her machine.

    An old fashion desktop for old farts would save us both a lot of heartburn too.

    Thanks for the input.

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    About the only thing I can think of that isn't based on Ubuntu is either vanilla debian or fedora.

    The desktop stuff can be implemented in any distro as long as you know how to do it, but some will come with some nice stuff.

    Fedora is a good distro for everything you said though, and it is easy to install and maintain. I use fedora as my second go to distro to put on my laptop and other stuff where I just need it to work out of the box.

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    You perhaps want to look at CentOS too. I've only used it on the server, but if your goal is a stable system, it might do. I use Fedora for my desktop systems and have no complaints with that either.
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    Another option is Mageia, gnome based, good hardware support, updates are mostly just a clic to autorize them, very good control panel for among other things software management, I use it and like it very much.

    Good luck

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    If you are willing to give KDE a go then Simply Mepis which is based on Debian may be worth a look. openSUSE may also fit the bill nicely.
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    If you want solid and stable, Debian is the way to go. It works. Ubuntu is based on Debian Unstable, FWIW. I would suggest Debian Stable.

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