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    Spam is Spam? or am i just "Old Skool"?

    Ok, heres the story:

    My mum recently started using the internet, email(through hotmail) etc.

    The other day, the ink on her printer ran out. She asked me for my opinion about a company that had "emailed" her details of ink cartridges a month or so before.

    I immediatly said that if she had never had any contact with this company, and had never given them your email address, you should not do business with them, as they had sent spam.

    After 5 minutes of explaining to her for every one person that purchases something from a company that sends spam another 1 million people will have their mailbox cluttered with the same useless junk, my mum pointed out that it was just like any other form of marketing, such as adverts that come through your letter box for example.

    Now we have 2 conflicting opinions, i remember a clutter free mailbox when i started using the internet, and it remained that way for a couple of years or so, but today's internet newb generation have never seen this, and react to spam differently.

    What do you think?

    I personally hate spam, but the point my mum made did also make me think.


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    Death to Spam

    I, for one, HATE spam. I recently was directed to the above site by a friend. It's a bit of a long read, but there's some good info here on how spam is sent and some pointers on how to flush spammers out (if you've got enough time on your hands).

    My personal strategy, is to create an alias account with my ISP, and only give the main addy to family/friends. Everyone else gets the alias account, which can be shut down once spam gets out of hand and a new one started up again.

    P.S. I hate logging on to my hotmail account and having to delete about 30 messages to get to the "real" mail...

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    SPAM may be a form of marketing, but SPAM in my mailbox is just the same as SPAM in my email. I've never gone up to check the mail and had my mailbox be full of junk that I never requested, so on that note it's different. I just deal with it, keeping an email acct. to use for eBay and any other thing I sign up for on the Internet (i.e. an account from, etc.) and a separate account for my personal email.
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    Unsolicited mail either hard copy or electronic is still spam. The fact that the electronic kind can be sent for free thus there are no restrictions on the volume a spammer can send. A hard copy spammer has to pay for each piece of spam he sends, therefore he is limited by how much money he has to spend. The electronic spammer has no such limits.

    So its not like
    any other form of marketing, such as adverts that come through your letter box for example
    because there are no real limits to the volume.

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