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    @rokytnji: Thanks. That left-drag trick works a treat.
    @lucky: If you aren't affected, then it isn't "old eyes" as I thought. It may be a crt thing. What kind of screen do you use?
    @atreyu: you should have known me better
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    Hazel, I'm using a fairly new ASUS VE228 LCD monitor because my old HP mx 704 monitor bit the dust after 10 or more years!!
    I know young people, as well as old, who do not white lettering on a black background; so I do not think that it is an age issue at all.
    In my humble opinion it's just an individual preference thing!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hazel View Post
    @atreyu: you should have known me better
    oh, i knew it wasn't our hazel! i was more worried about account hijackers, exploits and script kiddies, oh my!

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    I am not that old, but i don't use the white on black as i just don't like the look of it. I much rather black on white (no pun intended :P) or the black with a tan background or even like the Windows Powershell white text on a blue background.

    I use an two LCD screens (extended display). CRT screens aren't great for computer work, especially if its old and is flickering as it can cause images to become blurred (especially moving images). So if you are using a oldish CRT screen Hazel it might be worthwhile updating and as a bonus it might improve what you can read (i.e. white text on a black background).

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    If you're still using a CRT, you're going to have blurry text no matter what the colors are. Get a modern monitor and almost any color works well enough, it just becomes a matter of taste.

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