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    Intro. A year on Fedora. Tired of jargon and answers just ...

    I defenestrated a year ago to Fedora after thirty years 'dozing. I use an old Dell Inspiron 1520. I live on a remote and isolated island, like it's a half-hour ferry ride across Death's Door Passage and then fifty miles to the nearest BigBox store or hospital. We've had 1.5 Mbps DSL for about a year.

    I have some issues with my Fedora OS. When I ask questions, always prefaced with NEWBIE, usually the answer is so terse as to approach meaninglessness, or at best to engender more questions. So, I will ask my questions on a general newbie/linux sub-forum and be curious what answers are distribution dependent.

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    hello and welcome, Doug!

    I use Fedora regularly myself, as do lots of others on this site, so hopefully your questions won't go wanting.

    Are you saying you get terse responses on *this* forum? I hope not, but if you do, I hope the content of the (some of the) answers are at least pointing you in the right direction. If not, at least they are well intentioned!

    We try to be good about keeping an eye on the forums and making sure no one (esp. n00bs) are getting jerked around. We're friendly here!

    When you are posting questions, don't feel that you *have* to use the Newbie forum, though you are certainly welcome to, if you are unsure. Sometimes putting your post in the appropriate forum will get you better attention from the pros and gurus who only haunt their niche halls.

    See you around!

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    Welcome aboard, Doug!
    Like the man said, we try to be pretty friendly around here. And we certainly understand that new Linux users need more descriptive answers than might otherwise be given.
    We'll also try to give more than one solution to a given problem, so as to keep you headed in the right direction on your learning curve.
    So post your questions, and hopefully you'll get the info that you're looking for.

    New users, read this first.
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    I do not respond to private messages asking for Linux help. Please keep it on the public boards.

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    Welcome! I too, use Fedora when I can, it is my second choice for a Linux distro. I will definitely try to answer any questions I can.

    Code is Poetry

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    Welcome to the forum. We try not to give answers like, "You can take care of this problem easily from the terminal", or equally vague answers. If you do get a vague answer, ask for clarification, or wait a little for someone else to give a better answer.
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