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Thread: Newbie in linux

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    Wink Newbie in linux

    Hello to everyone, im a newbie in the world of linux.

    I just want to know how can i send a message using terminal to another computer thats is connected to the network

    what commands/scripts will i use?


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    welcome aboard, kidDEV!

    you can do that with the talk client and related daemon.

    Note that you have to set up the daemon first (it is usually controlled by xinetd). you also have to probably disable your firewalls, if they're running - that or punch a hole for them (that is the preferred solution).

    then from linuxpc1, in a terminal where you are logged in as user1, do:

    talk user2@linuxpc2
    on linuxpc2, in a terminal where user2 is logged in, you should see:

    Message from Talk_Daemon@linuxpc2 at 22:56 ...  
    talk: connection requested by user1@linuxpc1.   
    talk: respond with:  talk user1@linuxpc1
    then simply type as instructed:
    talk user1@linuxpc1
    a horizontally split display will open up inside the terminal of both PCs, where you can type in the top pane, and you see the other person's typed messages in the lower pane.

    note that the two computer names (linuxpc1, linuxpc2, etc.) must be resolvable to ip addresses.


    Now if by "message", you mean "email message", then use the mail program. it is also known as mailx/nail/heirloom mail, etc. just sure you are using the 12.x version and not the 8.x version. you'd use it like this:

    echo "this is the body"|mail -s "the subject"
    note that this requires an MTA to be set up on the pc first (i.e, postfix, sendmail, etc.). or if another SMTP server is available, you can pass it as an argument (this is where using the 12.x mail program is necessary), e.g.:

    echo "this is the body"|mail -s "the subject" -S

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