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    What to do with NEXUS? (Privacy)

    Dear Community,

    Merry Chrismas to all of you!

    I've just got a Nexus 4 for xmas. My dad seriously shocked me with this kind of present. I am very fond of the open source idea and the principle of owning and controlling my hardware as well as my private data. Since this summer's news I've even changed from Ubuntu to Debian for this reason.

    Now I think of:

    * trying to trust the available privacy settings
    * rooting it and applyig advanced privacy settings / alternative apps
    * installing a complete new kernel (CyanogenMod)
    * selling it (most likely with some discount)

    I am happy to hear any advice or expiriences!

    Currently I am using a Symbian S60. I think (hope) nobody makes a great effort to intrude that system today. Before today's present I actually planned not to buy a smartphone again.

    Many thanks in advance and nice holidays!

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    i would go with a google-free operating system, so that would also exclude cyanogen-mod.
    i would happily jump at the opportunity to make this a FLOSS smartphone!
    the net must be full of it and quite confusing - i bet even this forum has some threads dedicated to linux on smartphones.

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    thanks for your opinion.
    Do have any suggestions for an anlternative operating system?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nihili View Post
    i bet even this forum has some threads dedicated to linux on smartphones.
    plus a quick search popped up this:
    How To Install Ubuntu Touch On Your LG Nexus 4 Smartphone |

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    If you have a phone, you can forget about having any privacy. Smart, dumb, or in between, it doesn't matter. Your conversations are being monitored and recorded, wherever you are. You may as well accept this, because there is no alternative other than abandoning all electronic communications. Linux on a smartphone is a painful experience. I suggest just using the installed Android, and/or installing another ROM if that makes you happier. There are many of them available.

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