After gaining the experience that I have learning Linux I am very seriously considering doing a Linux certification with a view to a possible career move into a Linux related field of some sort. The problem is that I have no real idea of what certification is likely to bear the best fruit (not just money but genuine career prospects).

I've read about the LPI (The Linux Professional Institute), heard about Red Hat & Novell's certs and I'm sure there are others. Ideally I'd like to do something in a programming sense with Linux as that is my background. I am very open to Linux network admin though as I'm sure that would be rewarding.

BTW, my (brief) background, I live in England, UK and have a BSc Hon's degree in Software Engineering. I've already done network admin jobs but only with Windows NT/2000 server. So I have a computing background.

Any suggestions/pointers in the right direction?