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    Linux Engineer hazel's Avatar
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    Modern technology, bah!

    My iron conked out (probably the element burned out; it's quite old). So I toddled down to the local hardware shop to buy a replacement. Do you think I could find an ordinary steel flat iron? Nope! They were all monstrous-looking plastic steam irons costing upwards of 20, covered all over with controls like something out of Star Trek. The attendant told me no-one makes simple irons any more.

    I looked around and finally found a steam iron in Wilkinsons that looked a lot simpler and only cost 4.50, so I thought if I couldn't make it work for me, at least it wouldn't be a lot of money down the drain. I read the instructions carefully and it didn't say you had to put water in it, so I didn't. It seems to work perfectly well without.

    I've also found a flatscreen monitor that someone left out. Where I live, there's an unofficial recycling convention: any electrics you don't want are left by the garden gate and someone will take them. Well, it saves on landfill! Unfortunately it didn't come with a vga cable and the ones on my existing CRT monitors are welded on, not plugged in, so I shall have to buy one. They cost 20, which seems an awful lot for a piece of wire. I'm just debating with myself whether it's worth it, given that the thing might not work anyway.

    I feel out of my depth in the modern world.
    "I'm just a little old lady; don't try to dazzle me with jargon!"

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    Ditto on your rant. Sometimes you just want a basic, simple tool to do a job, not some High Tech Space Tool that costs an arm and a leg. I totally feel your pain there pard.
    No matter where ya' go, there ya' are.

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    hazel, for both cases i recommend (charity) second hand stores and recycling centers!
    whatever they are called in your country, i'm pretty sure they exist.

    (a distinct picture of a hat stand brimming with used vga cables comes to my mind)

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    I just want a phone that makes phone calls. That's it. I've got a "dumb" phone. It has a camera, internet (which I never use), it plays music, records pics / video / sound, plays games, has alarms on it and a bunch of other crap that I don't want or need.

    The phone cost me $80 to buy and $40 a month to maintain.

    I just want to make phone calls, that's it. I don't even need or want caller ID or a list of stored phone numbers if it's going to cost me more.

    I just want a $10 phone, comparable to a land line, that makes and receives calls for $10 a month; basically a land line in my pocket. That's it.

    Good luck finding one.

    I had a prepaid through net10 that did just that. It broke. They did away with both the phone and the plan so I swapped carriers b/c all of net10's stuff is now like I described above on fruffy crap and prices but their customer service is horrible. I'll put up with bad service for a $10 phone that costs $10 a month but not an $80 phone that costs $40 a month.

    The only reason I even carry the stupid thing is so the wife can always reach me.

    If I was single I'd have a land line with an answering machine and I already have an alarm clock, radio, a pen sized digital voice recorder, a gaming console, a camera that does stills and vid and a computer!

    I think 'puters are fun and cool but I'm not so friggin obsessed with them that I need to have one in my pocket so I can stick my nose in it 24/7 and be completely oblivious to the world and bump in to people and stuff as I walk down the sidewalk.

    Heaven's forbid, can you imagine something as archaic as walking!!!

    Quick, somebody get that man a Segway, some google glasses, an android watch, an android phone and an iPad before he disappears in to the last century!

    Technology peaked at *good* microwavable frozen pizza, cd's / dvd's, x86 architecture and a wild and wooly, wide open world wide WAN; all circa 1995!
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    It's rodeo weekend here in the stix. We in some ways still live in the past out here. Which I prefer over modern city living.

    I can still get oldy time stuff from the 1960's out here. My Battery charger is a old American made stand up wheeled charger. Built to outlive me.
    Same with a Westinghouse 250 amp A/C arc farm welder from the 1950's that I refurbished myself.

    I probably coulda fixed Hazels iron, but I run into old estate sales where I pick up 1/2 of my tools from like a 90 year old man needing cash money.
    You folks would be jealous of the old Americana goods available down here.

    Cables I get for 50 cents or so from Goodwill or Salvation Army about 75 miles in one direction.
    The gas though figured in bumps that price up but we travel there for other stuff so I check things
    out when there.

    Anybody wanna buy a IBM A22M 1000hz, 512MB ram, 14 ich screen, 40 bucks can drive down and pick it up.
    We are full of archaic tech down here. Even stove top heated irons.

    But it does not change the fact I have to work on some guys new Harleys with a Laptop with Windows on it.
    Which irks me to no end and puts my panties in a wad.

    Modern Tech can serve a function and make things better.
    It can also be used to make things disposable, unfixable by the owner, and DRM'ed so that only the manufacturer can fix it.
    Which does not make for convenience or makes it better.

    The dump is full of modern tech. Like Bic Lighters and Irons/Mixers/Drills/etc.... that can't be fixed. You know. The disposable age.
    Some folks like the world this way.
    Some don't.

    I can live in either world. I'll tell you this. Half of my customers freak out when the see me buy Chevy 6 cyl points for my motorcycles at the auto parts store and
    fix them in 5 minutes on the side of the road with a screwdriver and a matchbook cover. Their option is a cell phone and a tow truck. Points cost me 6 bucks. A tow out here is 500 Bucks.

    Which is better? I don't know. I just know my druthers and they are not akin to others.
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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    Either at home or at work or down the pub
    I have a Nokia 106 on PAYG it has no camera but for some strange reason it has a radio! I've done the smart phone thing and can't really see the point, all they do is make it really easy for the NSA to know where you are all the time!

    Last time I bought a washing machine after mine broke the salesman tried to get me to also buy an iron "Normally 59.99 but with the washer only 39.99" I told him that I had an iron and he said but not like this one. I pointed out that it ironed all my stuff and asked what else that one did. The answer of course was nothing. He wouldn't shut up about the iron even after I told him if he mentioned it again I would spend my money at their competition. He mentioned it and I just walked out.

    Any Brits may remember the place. It was called Comet.
    Should you be sitting wondering,
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    There's only one true answer my friend,
    It's Adam Bloody West!

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    The keystone of Capitalism, Planned Obsolescence. How are we going to make money in the future if we make things that don't break.
    A lion does not lose sleep, over the opinion of sheep.

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    "They cost 20, which seems an awful lot for a piece of wire."

    Make it cheaper, charge more! -- the system of the world we live in allows it. Ethics has very little to do with it, if anything at all.

    Reality need not be any more than I make it to be, however, and I thank the Creator for this!
    "All that is required for evil to triumph is for a good human to say nothing"
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    Quote Originally Posted by hazel View Post
    ...Unfortunately it didn't come with a vga cable and the ones on my existing CRT monitors are welded on, not plugged in, so I shall have to buy one. They cost 20, ...
    Here you go Hazel. Less that 2, delivered. You would have to have an Amazon account to buy this, but if you don't have one, you only need to find someone nearby who does.

    I have these leads lying around at home, I'd happily let you have one. But the postage would be more that buying it from Amazon at this price.

    If you have a fundamental objection to buying from Amazon, Here's a slightly more expensive option on eBuyer.

    And a similarly priced one at Web-Systems.
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    Either at home or at work or down the pub
    Heh! Just finished digging one to to make the same offer but I doubt that p&p will cost less the 2 one from Amazon which is a remarkable price
    Should you be sitting wondering,
    Which Batman is the best,
    There's only one true answer my friend,
    It's Adam Bloody West!

    The Fifth Continent

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