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    A Thank You To Linux Forums

    Dear Linux Forums:

    I actually appreciated getting your Birthday note and was glad to remember Linux. I have one computer I use for volunteer work, which is an Apple, and although I'm not running Linux on it, I want to say thanks to the Linux world, because I believe much of the free, open-source or shareware productivity software I use on it was originally in Linux, then later ported to Mac and PC; so without you folks I'd still be lost, since, as a low-income person who is mostly volunteering his time and energy, I could never have afforded the software that is usually associated with that work in the non-open source world.

    Just as unions may be a small percent of the work force, but they drive up standards for everyone, so Linux may be a small portion of the user-base, (although it's growing, it and/or it's derivatives or cousins), it is s driving force for the idea of freedom and free-stuff for those of us who can't afford "the real world."

    By the way, whenever I have a second computer, I always run Linux on it. I'm a bit sad right now because all my old PCs burnt out, and basically I'd been running Linux on any PCs I could beg from old friends when they upgraded. But, at last the oldie-freebie CPUs came to an end. However, I've started a savings account and will save and save until I can get right the unit for me, and I'll be back in the Linux game in some months, (crossing fingers).

    I do desktop publishing for other starving poets and elderly people who'd never have the energy to do their own books, and so on. However, my own health is looking quite precarious; so, I'm hoping I'm able to keep up my volunteer work, but it just may not be possible. (I live on disability and just help unpublished writers when able.)

    In any case, I just wanted Linux Forums to know that Linux made me feel a part of something bigger, maybe a future where money is not the driving force, but love, and sharing and passion for projects. And, if I'm still around and able to do a thing or two for the cause, now and then, I'll sure try.



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