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    Forgotten Linux Distro's

    What were your favorite Linux Distro's?

    I remember GOS Linux, "Ubuntu based" it was a very nice clean lightweight OS with a nice clean looking desktop with the mac kinda dock, I don't usually like those Mac looking docks as I feel it makes the desktop look rather scrappy but with GOS Linux it really suited that dock it came with. They then released GOS Space Linux afterwards which looked good I liked the idea of it but GOS Space I found to be unstable with bits of the desktop disappearing as you ran your mouse courser over things, well I guess that spelt the end for GOS, such a shame.

    Ice Cream Linux was another one which looked a bit like the Pepper Mint Linux OS although never worked that great bearing in mind this was back in 2007 but nice ideas with an interesting look.

    One Linux I would like to see is an Acorn Linux thats based on RISC OS but a modified up to date look to it that supports ARM and other processors and loaded with educational games that old Acorn Archimedes computers used to have during the late 80's/90's mind you they were well ahead of there time. Anyway enough of Acorn computers. What were your forgotten Linux Distros that you enjoyed?

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    I really liked Yoper.

    It was a distro all by itself. That is, it wasn't based on anything else.
    It was quite fast.

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    My favs consist of slackware, dsl, and #!

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    crunchbang is not forgotten!
    neither is slackware.

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    I liked Caldera.

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    element OS made a home theatre pc easy and visually appealing, IMO

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