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    something I'd like to ask Richard Stallman

    Richard Stallman wants everyone to know that when he says "free software," he means free as in it liberates you, not free as in you don't have to pay for it. Free software, by his definition, can be provided free of charge, but isn't necessarily. Wouldn't it be easy enough to clear this up by calling it, I don't know, liberationist software? This would be a pain to say, but hardly more so than saying "GNU Linux" instead of just "Linux".

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    people have tried to re-invent all sorts of things, including language and probably even linux terminology.
    but it tends to have a sort of momentum and people keep on using illogical, old, too-long or too-short terms. damn.

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    RMS is a fundamentalist but... He is right. With free software, the world will be a better place

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    ironically free software is more secure than standard proprity software

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