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Thread: What is Linux

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    Question What is Linux


    I am just wondering what are the criteria for defining an OS as Linux.

    I know that ubuntu's are essentially all the same, but there are many other flavours of Linux.

    So, what defines an OS as Linux?


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    Simply, it uses the Linux kernel, has a DE (desktop environment, XFCE, KDE, CLI, etc.), and has a package management system. The difference between flavors is mainly the DE and package management - along with various tools...
    Are you a clueless Kali user? If you can't get Kali running on your own, it ain't the right distro for you.

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    But what is a Linux kernel. What characteristics make it Linux and not say Windows or Mac.
    There must be aspects that define all Linux kernels and make them recognisable as such

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    I have no idea what answer you are looking for so I shall bow out. The Linux kernel is pretty well defined and has an entire support organization that maintains it.
    Are you a clueless Kali user? If you can't get Kali running on your own, it ain't the right distro for you.

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    Linux is the kernel actually. Not an OS.

    Ubuntu, in this case, is the OS, Linux is the Kernel. No one can tell you the difference between Linux and the Windows Kernel because the Windows Kernel is closed-source. Linux instead is FOSS, so anyone can download it and create a new "flavour"(actually called a "distribution") whenever they please (that's why there are so many!!).

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    Linux is the kernel. If you want to know more about it, why don't you do some searches by yourself? sure the info is out there.

    but what is usally refered to as Linux online, often really means GNU/Linux - a FOSS operating system built on top of the linux kernel. technically, it is wrong to say "I installed Linux on my laptop" - one would have to say "I installed GNU/Linux".

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