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    Recommendation for production environment distro

    I currently run Manjaro on a couple of machines in a production environment. I moved from Ubuntu several years ago after Ubuntu incorporated snapd ---and a number of very well found comments by Richard Stallman (among others) about how Ubuntu started phoning home to Canonical with a lot of user/personal information without user concent. I verified part of this with Wireshark.

    Manjaro stable has been a good production environment distro. Stable rolling release updates are pretty much problem free. The suite of admin tools both CLI and GUI are very good. Recovery path for a non booting machine is excellent as are the options for doing timed backups to external media.

    Unfortunately now, Manjaro has included snapd as an option in testing with a publicized intent by the dev team, to incorporate snapd into stable as what will probably be a mandatory package. This will change a number of things, among them, the new package ecology where many(most) new packages and updates will be rolled out as snapd only. Snapd will defacto become mandatory. Additionally there will be telemetry between snapd on a Manjaro machine and Canonical, something I refuse to participate in. I saw what happened with Ubuntu and Canonical and the lick fest between Ubuntu and Windows. I wont run a production environment machine where i have to have wireshark running on one desktop to see what kind of telemetry about my distro is being sent somewhere......

    So before this happens I am looking for another distro home. Mandatory for consideration are
    Timely security updates and strong dev community support of the user base(look at the Meltdown/Specter problems in the last 18 months and most recently the SACKD vulnerability in the Linux network stack).
    Rolling update rather than version change preferred
    Good recovery and admin tools. Good security tools.

    If I wanted an automated walled garden I would run Windoze or OSX or Ubuntu. I also do not particularly care for a corporate oriented distro (CentOS). Most importantly privacy and not having a distro send telemetry to some unknown place.

    Any help or suggestions about what to look at would be deeply appreciated. My computer knowledge pretty much has origins in the pre GUI Unix days so I dont have a problem working with CLI. I do need a stable GUI for the production environment though.

    Many thanks

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    I would go for Debian 10 - incredibly stable, easy and just works - without bloat. Recently switched from Ubuntu as it was always presenting snaps as the default option for installing any software.

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