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    i think ruby if youre looking for a script sty;e language
    other wise java then switch to c/c++
    java does more for you and is cross platform
    and when you got the hang of it c/c++ has got more low level stuf to play with

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    I think the extremely varying answers are a good example of why noone can tell you what the best to start with is. Just look at some languages strong points and decide what interests you.

    edit: On a somewhat counterdictory note, I think Python is a great language to learn programming with. The syntax is so easily readable, and the interpreter and ide are easy to use. You'd have a lot of fun with it. But that's me.

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    I've got one. QBASIC!!! No, Visual Basic!!! HAHAHAHA...

    Seriously no. Most useful languages to at least have an understanding of are: C++ and PHP, IMHO. Oh, ya HTML I guess.

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    Hasn't been mentioned yet (kinda surprised actually), but I'm going to suggest Scheme. Nice small language, once you get used to all the ((((parentheses)))). DrScheme is a good implementation/IDE, and it comes with a built-in help system and tutorials for learning the language.

    And then Common Lisp, if you grow out of Scheme . Learning it right now, reading ClTl2 and loving it. Wouldn't recommend it for starters though.

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    both of those links are to articles writen about different programming languages. and they talk about different uses for each language and what each language is best for. so figuring out what you want to do with the language will help you decide on what language to choose good luck
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    Wow. I had no idea that this would turn out to be another "which distro should I choose" thread... I guess I *should* have seen how it could turn out. Haha.
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    i started out with VB (because my school had a vb class) and then moved on to java.
    currently learning C++
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    Definitely C, I've programmed in several languages and at least looked at some others, and many of them follow a similar structure to C code

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    I would recommend you start out with Basic just to get the hang of things and then move to C and finally C++. Once you have mastered these 3, learning a new programming language will be like learning to drive a new car (it will always be different from the old one, but there would be some similarities).

    IMO Basic, C and C++ are the foundation languages which you use to build up your programming concepts and then you move onto other languages such as Java, PHP or Perl etc.

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