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    i don't know much about the linux alternatives except for OpenGL. how does it compare with DirectX anyway? is it easier or harder? is it as functional as DirectX (i.e. does it have pixel shader/vertex shader support?). if i understand this it will atleast help me understand why DirectX is popular.
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    from what i know opengl has everything directx has. matter of fact, for the longest time directx ws kinda playing cachup. opengl has nvidia backing it, you can see this where all the opengl games are suported by nvidia. also nvidia has always focused on opengl support. currently there is al;most no visual differences between th two api's however, more often than not opengl programs are more stable.

    from what i heard opengl is more hardware based, and directx is more software based. also, opengl was kindaa stiffled because ari was a bunch of meany heads and didnt weant to support it for the longest time making it almost neccisary for game makers to at least offewr directx.
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