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  1. #61

    i keep six running

    two browsers in two
    gaim in one
    email in another
    open office in another
    one for terminal

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    I use 7, sometimes 8. I always use the first for Opera, the rest just depend on what I'm doing. I reaaly use VDs more like the taskbar, which I don't use. Right now my setup is, in order:
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    I use 4, because that's the default. I don't tend to have any long-lasting intentions of use for each one, though some sessions I'll have decided on what each one'll do.

    Despite that, I still like being able to see everything in the task bar, so it frees up no space there...
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    Ive just upped from four to six. What's in each one depends on what I'm doing, but usually I have one with Firefox, xChat and gaim running, and in another I have xmms, and in another qtorrent
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    Virtual Desktops

    Three usually. One with games and fun stuff, one with email and browser, and one with a file browser and a text editor open for working on web pages.

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    I use the regular 4 desktops:
    1) 1-3 (or more) terminals for C programming + firefox for testing/google searches/whatever
    2) 1 terminal for yum updates, 1 if I need to 'man' anything
    3) unused most of the time
    4) xmms
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    Bascially 2, 1 development area and 1 for my good friend internets.

    I do tons from the command line so i use screen.

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    I use one, because I have 1600x1200, I have 5 aterms running and firefox in a 1024x768 sized window. (I have no need for any more workspaces because they are the only programs I use all the time)

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