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    The better desktop environment?

    Which is a better desktop environment... KDE or GNOME..
    What is exactly X-Windows? Please explain me this. I have heard of it but am not able to understand whether it is a desktop environment or the background of GUI or something else

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    XWindow,, and Xfree86 (I think that's the number anywho), are the mainframes that KDE and Gnome are built upon. So there's no escaping it if you want a GUI--and really no need to worry about it.

    As far as Gnome Vs. KDE, it's up to opinion which is really best. With current RedHat distros you can run elements of either in both, so it may be best to just play around with them until you decide which you like better.

    Me? I like KDE. My only gripe is that I get no sound in flash when I use it. So once a week or so I switch to Gnome to be able to check up on my favorite cartoon characters over at

    Let us know if and how you set things up, eh? No reason to be a stranger.

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    Re: The better desktop environment?

    Quote Originally Posted by roshan_linux_windows2000
    Which is a better desktop environment... KDE or GNOME..
    As with the question as to which disrto..... this is heavily based on personal opinion. Personally i have only really used KDE (till this weekend when i installed gentoo) But in gentoo i thought i'd give fluxbox a try, and it seems to be going ok

    I guess i will always personally prefer KDE over Gnome, but that's probably simply because i have never really used Gnome.

    I'm sure Gnome is as good as KDE, each having their strong/weak points. But if you want to decide which is better, the best way is to install em both and give them both a go to see which you prefer. But dont just play with them for a day or so, give it a week to use it 'normally' then decide which you think is best.
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    x windows is the system that handles things like windows are square. windows have cancel buttons. a desktop is a surface that icons are on. the infastructure that the gui runs on. Window managers are the next level that tells xwindows that the windows have certain types of decorations and behaviors where buttons are located etc. both x windows and window managers have miles and miles of code. they work together. You must have x installed to run a window manager. Some window managers are KDE (my favorite), gnome, TWM (tom's window manager -very popular with people named tom), xfce (a lightweight window manager) those come standard with fedora 3 oh except twm.. forgot. There are a few others. Mac OSX actually runns on the same X11 system that KDE and Gnome do. In fact I think that there is a port of KDE for Mac. So I could actually run the same desktop environment on my PC and my girlfriends mac without changing the core operating system on her mac. OSX runs on NetBSD which is UNIX proper. Aqua is basically their extremely developed windows manager. After you run linux for a while go to a Mac store and play with one of their machines and you will start to recognize a lot of the features that you like about linux and don't see with Microsoft.

    You may ask why would they do things that way. Well the x windows system in some form has been used for quite some time. I think that it predates linux. I am pretty sure that xfreef86 is the clone of what was running on the big unix machines for years. It of course has changed and been updated to accomodate the things that you actually see in the window managers. Conversely Microsoft windows is basically a single system that does not allow you to have the freedom to change a lot of the kinds of things that you can by configuring kde, gnome or any of the others or the choice between windows managers like kde gnome or any of the others. My best advice would be to install all that come with your distro and try them out. Find one that you like. Some applications may require that you use one window manager and many may need certain libraries that belong to one or the other. The differance is that for instance I can run some gnome based applications in kde and vice versa but some applications may require that I am actually running gnome or kde for them to work properly. The former is more common. They can be changed at login by clicking on session and pick may find a few simple differances or in the case of twm you will find a LOT of differances. I actuall ran TWM for quite a wile because it was the least like windows. It's behavior is kind of like a silicon graphics workstation that ran a KLA-tencor Confocal Review Station I used when I worked at Intel corporation. I picked up on that rather quickly because of my experiance with TWM to the dismay of co-workers and the tool owner alike. They didn't know what to do with someone who knew something other than windows.

    In sumary X11 is the infastructue that the gui runs on and window managers are the direct interface that makes everything pretty and user friendly. Try a few and pick what you like best. Before you decide try different themes and configurations. If you want something that looks a lot like windows try KDE with the theme called Redmond with fc3 you can do this by logging in after selecting session>kde and then going to the "K" menu which will probably still be a red hat. go to preferences>more preferences>desktop settings wizard and selecting the theme redmond.

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    i prefer Gnome over KDE, but i'll take Fluxbox over both

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    What!? No one's represented Enlightenment yet? Geez... I leave for a little while and this whole place goes to pot... :P

    But between Gnome and KDE, I prefer Gnome, mostly for being less Windows-like.

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    I like gnome, but since KDE 3.3 is out, I bow to it, Great look ultra customizable. Great speed...

    But again as it been said 100X is always a matter of personnal opinion
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    I haven't really messed around with fluxbox that much but it seems kind of like TWM from my first impression. I tried it for a few minutes on DEMUDI.

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    Go with GNOME

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    Quote Originally Posted by duster
    Go with GNOME
    I'll just say, "Try both, and pick the one you like best"

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