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  • Cable

    36 39.13%
  • DSL

    45 48.91%
  • Dial up

    9 9.78%
  • Other

    2 2.17%
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    Oct 2004

    but it does have to be a digital phone line, some places never upgraded from analog and dsl can't be offered.
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    I have cable from Comcast. I had no service twice for half a day each in the last couple of days. But that dosn't happen much. Sometimes when it goes down I can fix it by powering off/on my router

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    Cable. Good ol comcast just upped the speed to 4mb.

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    Here, where else?
    For Cable I have COX

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    Hey adrenaline how much ya pay for that service? That is awfully fast internet.

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    Getting close to 5MB with RoadRunner. Just wish they'd increase the upload speed as well.
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    Arizona, USA
    cable, on both my laptop and desktop
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    Linux Newbie jwf's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Ontario, Canada
    Dial-up. I live so far into the woods, I have to come out to hunt.
    Actually I just switched to Linux and dial-up is the only option I have right now. On my XP machine I have DirecPC. This is a dial up transmit and Satellite reveive. 19.2Kbps up and 425Kbps download. This setup is the same a the Hughes Network in the US. Unfortunately the service provider up here in Canada is ExpressVu and they are discontinuing this internet service by the end of June. I'll be looking at satellite transfer both ways from TELESAT. Come July, I'll have a DirecPC digital modem (USB) for sale.

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    Syracuse, NY
    I just switched from comcast to rcn because comcast caps their upload speed at 30kbps while rcn I've gotten 100kbps plus when using bittorent. Sweet!
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    DSL, but only because cable (at least here) would give me a dynamic IP, plus you're technically *not* supposed to run servers on it

    EDIT: There's something horribly wrong with my DSL, though...
    I'm getting download speeds of about 15.5K, and I'm only downloading one thing

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