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    Linux Guru budman7's Avatar
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    I love cable.
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    We've currently got 256kbps down, 128kbps up, ADSL service from Bellsouth. It's extremely expensive for what you get however (~$40), so we'll soon be migrating to cable. We're getting 2mbps down, 256kbps up, cable service for the same price, plus their throwing in a free static IP for running my occasional game server. (DHL: Invasion) All that, for the same price as our current DSL. :P
    Anyone know of a cheap cable modem for sale?

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    Linux Guru AlexK's Avatar
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    I am using Unwired (Wireless Internet) by Navini Networks. It works like a dream as I have no Cable in my area and Pair-Gained phone lines so no DSL. so for ~US$80 I get 1Mb down and 512K Up with Unlimited Download.

    I know this sounds expensive, but this is the cost of semi-decent broadband in Australia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retired1af
    Not all that special. It's still your normal ol' Cat 3 cable. It's just that your DSL line is on one pair (it actually has a phone number assigned to it), and your other pair is your POTS (Plain Ol' Telephone Service).
    I have ADSL at home. Both telephone and ADSL line are on the same pair.
    We don't have two pairs. While you are surfing on the Web, you can still use your telephone.

    Yes, the line has to be digital.


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    Linux User PsypherPunk's Avatar
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    Leeds, UK
    i'm currently on a 1Mbps ADSL line. It's annoying though, the company that supplies it recently got bought out. Now, for the same price you can get a 4Mbps connection but i'm stuck with another six months on my contract
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    We had cable with Charter Communications, but they stopped advertising with my radio station so we went with our local telephone co-operative that was. They of course offer DSL. Speed wise, DSL has been a huge disappointment over cable. On the positive side though, cable would lose service at the drop of a hat. DSL has had far fewer outages when it counts during thunderstorms which is important since I have to be on top of dangerous weather conditions. I sure do miss how fast the cable was though...
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    Linux User zeeone's Avatar
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    Cox for cable, allvantage for dial-up.
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    I'm on ADSL (3096/76 and happy with it.

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    I use dial-up modem USRobotics Courier 33.6k but I'm planning to buy ADSL soon.
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    I'm stuck with dialup . They don't offer high speed up here yet .

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