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    Favorite Books/Writings

    Just thought I would put up a poll about everyone's favorite books, authors, types, etc..

    George Orwell: Animal Farm, 1984, Down and Out in Paris and London
    Sinclair Lewis, Upton Sinclair, Douglas Adams

    Non Fiction

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: The Gulag Archipelago(2000 pages but amazing! )
    Robert Ingersoll, Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Benjamin Tucker,

    I think my favorite books have just been numerous "entry level" non fiction science books I got when I was a kid from the local library. They really helped me learn to love learning.
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    Sci-fi/fantasy. I have read almost all of the books in the Dragonlance series.
    I also read John Grisham, Michael Crichton and Peter Benchley.
    I also have read almost all of the books in the Conan series.
    I am not into Isaac Asimov though.
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    George Orwell, Animal Farm
    Stephen Hawking, A Brief History Of Time

    Two favourite books, one fiction, one that well, Im not at liberty to say.
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    any book really, no real liking book, but i do like thrillers and historical fiction books.
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    The first books that I can remember reading... Five Boys in a Cave, Richard Church
    and Mark Twain's Huck Finn
    In high school I got interested in SciFi.. Anything by Ray Bradbury, also Dune, Hobbit and follow ons..
    In College I became interested in non-fictional historical books..
    Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, Gibbon
    Also loved anything about the Conquistadors-Hernan' Cortez' etc, fights with the Aztecs.. great stuff..
    The history of the Mormon Church (from their perspective) though several volumes was fasciinating to me..
    Black Like Me, Robert Bonazzi
    Serpico, Peter Maas
    The only poetic book I've enjoyed.. The Gaucho Martin Fierro by Jose Hernandez
    "A son am I of the rolling plain
    A gaucho born and bred
    And this is my pride; to live as free
    As the bird that cleaves the sky" though it sings better in the native tongue..
    I enjoy books purporting to be scientific but really Sci-Fi like The Hollow Earth
    And stuff (that most people find dry) I like such as Feynman's Lectures on Physics..
    Or In Search of Schrodinger's Cat by John Gribbon
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    Terry Pratchett makes our world look almost sane
    I would like to re read all the asimov I read as a teenager.
    I have read everything we have in the house over and over, really we need to donate most of our library to the well erm library I suppose.
    Tolkien, David Eddings(though I reread his stuff recently and decided his characters are all fascists), I have read all the Clive Cusslers too, though they got a bit boring.
    I read dune while I was ill. One of the best books for atmosphere though was maclean's HMS ullysses, I read it in midsummer as a kid on holiday in Malta and spent all week shivering in the 100 degree + heat.
    I just re joined the library recently too, I can't believe how pants they have got in the last 10 years.
    For light bedtime reading i have an apache2 book from the library right now. zzzzz
    For though provocing, philosophically boring the pants off people I have been reading J.P Proudhon. remember property is theft just like software patents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billybeag
    For though provocing, philosophically boring the pants off people I have been reading J.P Proudhon. remember property is theft just like software patents.
    I have to admit, I gave up like half way through What is Property?
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    Tolkien, Bradbury, Arther C. Clark, Robert Heinlein, and George MacDonald. Fav book id Lilith by George MacDonald.

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    Since I now have two kids, I don't get to read much anymore. During the many years I WAS able to read, particular favourites included:

    "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" - William Shirer
    "John C. Calhoun, an American Portrait" - Margaret L. Coit
    "The Last Lion" series (Winston Churchill) - William Manchester
    "The Real Lincoln" - Thomas DeLorenzo
    "Tom" the unknown Tennessee Williams - Lyle Leverich

    "The Virginian" - Owen Wister
    "To Kill a Mockingbird" - Harper Lee
    Anything by Louis L'Amour
    Anything by Carson Mc Cullers
    Anything by Truman Capote

    Favourite Science Fiction writers
    Cordwainer Smith
    Robert C. Clark
    Ray Bradbury
    Murray Leinster
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    Terry Pratchett's Discworld series
    George Orwel: 1984, Animal Farm
    James Joyce: Ulysses (still battling though this one)
    Phillip Pullman: His Dark Materials
    Islwyn Fowc Ellis: Cysgod y Cryman
    Garth Nix: Sabrial, Liriel, Abhosen


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