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    Linux Certifications

    Hey All!

    Can anybody help me with certifications. My choices are either LPIC (LPI) or SAIR Linux & GNU certifications. Anybody have opinions on the best, most recognised etc. etc.?


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    you could have a look at Redhat's certification and training schemes (

    I'm afraid that I can't help you as to how good/bad it is, as I have no certification myself (not even one for sanity )

    have fun


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    Good question though, anyone have one? If so from who, which type and what was your experience with studying, test itself, etc...

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    It'd be cool to get one, but it'd probably cost more that I would want to pay...

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    CompTia's Linux+ is an entry level cert for junior-level techs and the lowest in cost. It's about 200.00.

    The LPI certs are distro independent, you'll need a wde variety of knowledge on most of the big name distro's. LPI 1 is entry level, consists of two exams. LPI II is mid range, two exams. I don't think the LPI III is fully flushed out yet. I believe all the exams are 100.00 a piece.

    The RHCT and RHCE is Red Hat specific and considered the top o'the line in Linux certification. It's extremely tough and expensive. It will probably be changing since the shift of focus at RedHat and will more than likely focus on RHEL or RHAL. The RHCE exam was about 750.00 last I looked, the 1 week boot camp is about 2500.00 and includes the exam on Fri.

    I don't have any info on Sair.

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    i pass a Certif with 200+ question, it is not hard, and i learn much
    i am still looking for other Certif

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    What happen to Sair/Gnu Linux. Are they still in business

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    im looking at doing the LPI exams seem like the best option to me as they are platform independant also looking at novell qualifications as they are doing linux ones now due to their purchase of suse

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    im gonna do a rhce exam, figure it will look pretty good on my resume, and the fact I will learn a lot

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