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    I guess I should have been grateful to Ubuntu. I learned some valuable lessons.
    But at the time I was to much of a newb. So I put my Windows XP recovery cd's back in and wiped Ubuntu and went back to SuSE.
    I have not reinstalled Ubuntu since.
    I still consider myself a newb, just an experienced newb.
    If you want to learn more about linux take a linux journey
    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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    I think my first mistake I ever made with linux, was 4 years ago, when I first installed linux (redhat 7.3) and I told it to boot into runlevel 3. Not so much a mistake, but I spent days reading manpages and looking through the filesystem trying to figure out how to start X! Some of my more notable mistakes were when I screwed up the grub.conf file and couldn't boot into linux, and that time when I did makedev /dev and had another /dev directory in /dev unfortunately, I didn't know how to remove entire directories.. so I spent about an hour pressing 'y *enter*'

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    similar to others, I once meant to do rm -rf /lib/modules/misc, but instead did rm -rf /lib/modules and had to use rescue mode to reinstall the kernel...

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    not installing it sooner
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    LOL, I think my first n00b mistake was not reading...

    I remember when i was trying to install RH 9, when the partitioning part camed out, (as in windows) i just clicked next next next next LOL and lost all my data.... that was horrible, trust me, lost years of work, months of mp3 downloads, some cool stuff.... but the good side of it:

    I learned this important leason:




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    I made too many to count. The first was, of course, not using linux sooner. Then, when I was enlightened, I completely screwed my computer over with some extreme partitioning problems over 2 hdd's. but before that, for a very long time i couldn't get to a graphical frontend. I had no idea what was going on!!!

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    that is really clear lol, i did a lot of mistakes too, now "for real" i spend more than 1 week before making any move that could "damage, or endanger" my instalation LOL.


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    The first time I consoled into a Cisco router, we were supposed to erase the configuration on the NVRAM. At the prompt, I typed "erase flash". Ouch.

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    not the first mistake, but...

    I tried to mount an audio CD. When it gave me errors, I spent hours reading about fstab, dump, and fsck. I finally tried to mount a data CD, and discovered that audio CDs can't be mounted...

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    unistalling yoper because i did not have the right network config and never getting it working again, only to find out that it can be possible without unistalling it. :P
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