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    paying for a copy of XP (the OEM wasn't working well anymore) maybe a week before installing SUSE 9.2..
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    Well, about the time I got rm -f /dev typed in to the console, the phone rang. Somehow, during the phone conversation, I guess I hit enter.
    I didnt know what was going on here, so I tried it out for myself. Does that count as a mistake? lol. Besides that, probably the first was installing slackware countless times and having it not work, untill I found out how useful lilo is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shalamabobbi
    paying for a copy of XP (the OEM wasn't working well anymore) maybe a week before installing SUSE 9.2..
    Ouch...that's a mistake My first mistake was when I just installed Linux and tried to mount audio CD's.
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    I couldn't remember at first, but I think completely failing to understand how to use cfdisk. Going in, quitting out and generally fouling up my hard drive.

    The biggest mistake was trying to use little known (and very hard to install) distros like Peanut Linux instead of accepting my newbie status
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    When somebody told me to type an underscore, I typed "underscore"
    The first but certainly not the worst.

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    any1 ever asked the "where is the any key?" question ?

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    I remember my first noob mistake was something about libc, I ended up deleting it by trying to link it, I couldn't run any programs...


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    first mistake: not doing certain commands as root when I should and doing others as root when I shouldn't.

    second: wtf is gui? lol

    third: where's the .exe

    fourth: relating to one previously posted. Who the heck is KATE and why is she on my laptop.

    fifth: why am I editing a text file those don't do anything? used to wordpad and frivolous pages of nothing.

    sixth: most recently: i put down xfs instead of jfs in my fstab and then my laptop battery died and never could remount /dev/hda3 because it kept sayin xfs unknown filesystem. Just installed gentoo on my new 'old' cheap laptop and had to do it again. Always double check important config files.
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    Who the hech is KATE and what is she doing on my laptop?
    Good one, spencerf!

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    Deleting my WinXP partition while trying to install Fedora Core 1 on the same drive...oh well maybe it was telling me something

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