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    Hello (Sorta) and TeamSpeak

    Hello. I guess this is my first night of posting (posts 1, 2, and 3!) although I joined several weeks ago. And I hang out a LOT on the IRC channel. I'm Dachnaz, I'm 15 (and a half!), I have to go to school (: (), I throw discus and shotput on Track and Field (Athletics, to you Europeans and otherwise), and I love canoing. My current projects are: getting better grades (tough, they're already A-s and As), constructing wooden server racks out of what hardware I have, and making my Gentoo computer outperform what it was on Winblows.

    I also am interested in experimenting with a Linux community support TeamSpeak server. I have a Gentoo server running in my basement, it's all set up and everything. The server's IP is You can download TeamSpeak for free (Windows OR Linux!) at Or if you're on Gentoo, bash # emerge teamspeak2-client-bin. It's easy and straightforward to get going. There are good documents. Very handy and sociable to have if you own a working mic! Anyhow, hope you guys enjoy my server and me! It's late, I'm out.
    --Dachnaz [Fuzzy Llama]

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    I, too, am a big fan of canoeing. I recently bought a kayak and have been playing with that as well.

    Welcome to the forums. Nice to see you here.

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    Portability is for people who cannot programme

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