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    ECDL spout of BS

    I was advised by a career consultant to complete the ECDL qualification, as here in the UK it will become compulsory in a wide variety of jobs (the NHS will soon require all it's applicants to be qualified to ECDL standard).

    It is the single most easy qualification i have ever achieved.

    Linux recieves no mention until the final module of this state-funded Microsoft cabal where I am told that linux is freeware, not a contentious point until i read the next paragraph:

    "Care should be taken when making use of [freeware] as a source of cheap applications. Because the software exists outside (sometimes very far outside) the mainstream, it cannot be trusted to be as bug free and virus free as officially developed and published software. This is because it will not have gone through the rigorous testing and developement procedure to which a commercial software publisher would subject a product......"

    By this point i've had enough.

    Thought I should bring it to your attention.

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    It is very contrasting to this recent story in El Reg stating that Gov.UK is supporting more and more OSS projects.

    Its also worth noting that in the paragraph you quoted in your post, Open Source software released under the GNU/GPL license is not specifically mentioned, though I can see how the loose wording of the paragraph leaves room for confusion.

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    There is exactly one sentence between the words "eg. the Linux operating system" and the above paragraph.

    Perhaps you could put it down to paranoia that I connected the two exerpts, however, fuelling my suspicions was the fact that the UK were leading the drive to allow software patents in Europe (so I have been led to believe).

    I'm sure that the cares very much about free, secure software, and it's good news that they are willing to support open source in europe, but my guess was that the people in power care very much about money and very little about the populous using free, open source software. It can't be argued that people using Microsoft's software is good for those who sell software.

    However, I think I agree that maybe my insinuation towards a sinister conspiracy was a little unfounded, but it never hurts to be critical.

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